Review Policy

We are accepting books for reviews [email gatheringbooks2009 [at] gmail [dot] com or gatheringbooks [at] yahoo [dot] com]. GatheringBooks has bimonthly reading themes. If you have any books (picturebooks, middle grade fiction, YA novels, adult books, poetry, art, essay) that fit into any of our themes found below, we are happy to receive your email for consideration.

Here are our reading themes for 2017:

(1) Jan-Feb: 2016 in [Book] Review: Best of the Best in Books


(2) March-April: Mentally, yours – Portrayal of Mental Illness and Differently-Abled in Literature


(3) May-June: Myriad Of Middle Eastern Literature


(4) July – August: Literatura Europa

(5) Sept -Oct: Meta-reading – Bibliophilia and all things Books


(6) Nov-Dec: Writing Home – Hues of Diaspora in Literature


We generally do not accept self-published materials and we prefer hard copies over e-books.

More importantly, we encourage children and teenagers to submit their comments/insights/recommendations about books that moved them to laughter, made them cry against their will, or simply entertained them.

Thank you for being a part of GatheringBooks! Read (rock) on!

2 Comments on Review Policy

  1. Hi there! Will you only review books that fit into the current theme? Or would you consider reviewing books outside of that theme?


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