#ReadIntl2020 (Year Of International Literature) Reading Progress

We are having A Year Of International Literature this 2020 #ReadIntl2020.

We are committed to reading as many authors coming from varied countries as much as we can, hence our year of international literature is a testament to that. Essentially, we hope to feature books that fit any of the following criteria:

  1. Books that have been translated into English from their original languages.
  2. Bilingual books.
  3. Books published in English but written or illustrated by non-native English speakers.
  4. Books written or illustrated by People of Colour

Similar to what I have done for our #WomenReadWomen2019, I am devoting an entire page to document my progress throughout the year.

Please do take note that this list does not consist of all the books I read this year. To see that, please visit my Goodreads page. This table is meant to keep track of the books I featured here in GatheringBooks that fit our overarching theme of international literature in 2020.

I will constantly be updating this table throughout the year, as and when new books fall into my hands and featured here for our #ReadIntl2020 reading theme.

# Author / Illustrator # Book Title # Country # Language
(Bilingual/ Translated from)
1 Jen Arena (POC) 1 Salsa Lullaby 1 USA 1 Spanish (bilingual)
2 Isabel Quintero (POC) 2 My Papi Has a Motorcycle
Zeke Peña (POC)
3 Roseanne Thong 3 One Is A Piñata
John Parra (POC)
4 Samantha R. Vamos (POC) 4 The Piñata That The Farm Maiden Hung
5 Susan Middleton Elya 5 La Princesa And The Pea
6 Grace Lin (POC) 6 A Big Bed For Little Snow 2 English (neither translated nor bilingual)
7 Christian Robinson (POC) 7 Another
8 Miranda Paul 8 Water Is Water: A Book About The Water Cycle
Jason Chin (POC)
9 K. A. Holt 9 I Wonder
Kenard Pak (POC)
10 Mechal Renee Roe (POC) 10 Happy Hair
11 Cara Manes 11 Sonia Delaunay: A Life Of Color
12 Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts (POC) 12 Jake Makes A World: Jacob Lawrence, A Young Artist in Harlem
Christopher Myers (POC)
13 Matthew A. Cherry (POC) 13 Hair Love
Vashti Harrison (POC)
14 Rita Lorraine Hubbard (POC) 14 The Oldest Student: How May Walker Learned To Read
Oge Mora (POC)
15 Kathleen Krull 15 Starstruck: The Cosmic Journey Of Neil DrGrasse Tyson
Frank Morrison (POC)
16 Jacqueline Woodson (POC) 16 The Day You Begin
17 Hena Khan (POC) 17 Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets 3 Arabic (bilingual)
Merdokht Amini (originally from Iran) 2 UK
Erika Meza (POC) Salsa Lullaby Spanish (bilingual)
Sebastia Serra The Piñata That The Farm Maiden Hung 3 Spain
18 Jeronimo Cornelles 18 Mariama: Different But Just The Same (Mariama: Diferente pero igual) Spanish (translated)
Nivola Uya
Juana Martinez-Neal La Princesa And The Pea 4 Peru
19 Bernardine Evaristo (POC) 19 Girl, Woman, Other UK English (neither translated nor bilingual)
20 Guojing (POC) 20 Stormy 5 China wordless
21 Del Samatar (Somali-American) 21 Monster Portraits 6 Somalia (but both are from the US) mostly English
Sofia Samatar (Somali-American)
22 Klaas Verplancke 22 Magritte’s Apple 7 Belgium English (neither translated nor bilingual)
23 Myriam Ouyessad 23 The Magical Tree: A Children’s Book Inspired by Gustav Klimt 8 France
Anja Klauss 9 Germany
24 Theodor Fontane 24 Irretrievable 4 German (translated)
Fatinha Ramos (based in Antwerp but originally from Portugal) Sonia Delaunay: A Life Of Color 10 Portugal English (neither translated nor bilingual)
25 Andrzej Sapkowski 25 The Last Wish 11 Poland 5 Polish (translated)
26 Omar Al Owais 26 Salvaged 12 United Arab Emirates English (neither translated nor bilingual)
27 Dr. Reem El Mutwalli 27 Let’s Play Dress Up Arabic (bilingual)
28 Germano Zullo 28 Little Bird 13 Switzerland 6 French (translated)
29 Guridi 29 Once Upon A Time Spain Spanish (translated)
30 Karim Al-Dahdah 30 Sitt Sobhiye And The Quest For The White Horse 14 Lebanon Arabic (bilingual)
31 Dalia Menhall Mirza 31 Who Wants A Mommy With A Moustache?
Maya Majdalani
32 Maxine Beneba Clarke 32 The Patchwork Bike 15 Australia English (neither translated nor bilingual)
Van Thanh Rudd
33 Shaun Tan 33 Tales From The Inner City
34 Mirabai (translated by Robert Bly and Jane Hirshfield) 34 Mirabai: Ecstatic Poems 16 India 7 Hindi (translated)
35 Deborah Underwood (USA) 35 Bearnard’s Book 17 Japan English (neither translated nor bilingual)
Misa Saburi (Japanese)
Rafael Lopez (Mexico | USA) The Day You Begin 18 Mexico
36 Magda Szabo 36 Iza’s Ballad 19 Hungary 8 Hungarian (translated)