Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Bookshelf

The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Bookshelf is a collection of multicultural / international picturebook text-sets across the five SEL competencies.

This SEL bookshelf would not have been made possible without the generous assistance of awesome local and international school librarians who provided inputs, recommendations, sound advice. I am also deeply indebted to my research team; and the kidlitosphere community whose judgment in books I trust implicitly, and who has welcomed our website so warmly since its inception in 2010.

I am hoping that this would prove to be an invaluable resource to anyone who wishes to provide the perfect book to the right child at the right time.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to have access to so many titles from around the world after serving as an International Research Fellow at the International Youth Library in Munich in 2016 and 2017. Hence, this SEL bookshelf would also contain titles from various countries, with books that are not necessarily published in English. Translated summaries (thanks to Google Translate) would be provided for these picturebooks not published in the English language.

The bookshelf will also be continually updated as more books find us in the coming weeks or months. Additional titles will be marked in red fonts. I will also be linking up to our reviews, if there are any. I welcome additional inputs from you if you have titles to recommend.

Please do note that you are ultimately responsible for discerning which titles would be suitable given your school values and norms. This SEL bookshelf is simply meant to make life easier for librarians, book lovers, teachers, so that they are all gathered together in one place.

Please do note that we launched the SEL pages in stages, as this is truly a labour of love which takes a great deal of time, effort, and commitment. There are naturally overlaps across each of the SEL competencies, but I tried my best to discern the predominant themes in the text-sets shared here. At the moment, the SEL bookshelf, with all five competencies, is completed.

Do check this page at the end of the year as we continually update the SEL Bookshelf with new books discovered to be added in red fonts.

Self Awareness

Self Management

Social Awareness

Relationship Management

Responsible Decision Making

1 comment on “Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Bookshelf

  1. Thanks very, very much for this SEL Bookshelf! It’s heaven-sent. My team and I are preparing for a series of speaking engagements around the Philippines. We are authors of a new series of English textbooks in the Philippines. It’s called ILLUMINATE: English for the MInd and Heart. Our peg and anchor for the speaking engagements is social and emotional learning. Mabuhay!

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