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[BHE 342] Library Haul

Margarita Engle, Jose Sanabria, Laurence Anholt, Jackie Morris and many more...


Myra here.

While some of the titles here fit our current reading theme beautifully, others are random finds from the library.

Library Haul

A Page In The Wind by Jose Sanabria and Illustrated by Maria Laura Diaz Dominguez, Tomorrow by Nadine Kaadan.

Leonardo And The Flying Boy by Laurence Anholt, Degas And The Little Dancer by Laurence Anholt.

The Seal Children by Jackie Morris, The Blue Moon by Jeanie Leung.

The Banana-Leaf Ball: How Play Can Change The World by Katie Smith Milway and Illustrated by Shane W. Evans, Shadow Warrior by Tanya Lloyd Kyi and Illustrations by Celia Krampien.

Arnold’s Extraordinary Art Museum by Catherine Ingram and Jim Stoten, The Old African by Julius Lester and Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney.

Jazz Owls by Margarita Engle and Art by Rudy Gutierrez.

Have you read any of these books yet? What books would you recommend to us for our #BeautyArtMusicInBooks reading theme?


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