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[Poetry Friday the 13th] H is for…

Happy Birthday, Lee Bennett Hopkins!

Happy Birthday,

Lee Bennett Hopkins!


We are delighted to share a few poems by Lee Bennett Hopkins for our Poetry Friday post this week. I managed to find copies of his poetry anthologies for children from our library system. I decided to feature three of them, one of which was published this year! (I was so thrilled to take School People home with me the other day.)

I used an online editing app called Fotor and downloaded images from the Internet to edit my post. I included images of the book where the poems were taken from. Feel free to click the images to enlarge the text. This fun-filled celebration of Poetry Friday the 13th is hosted by Robyn at Life on the Deckle Edge! Hooray!




The theme for this year’s Summer Reading Club is “Library Rocks!”

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10 comments on “[Poetry Friday the 13th] H is for…

  1. Thanks, Fats, for joining the LBH party! Sending love from my side of the world to you amazing Gathering Books Ladies. –and so glad you were able to find School People! :0)

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  2. Alice Nine

    I love your display of LBH’s poems and books. School People is wonderful.

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  3. Fats, these are great choices. I love that “take the breath of day away” and the photo of the sky.

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  4. Love these, Fats! Wonderful choices!!

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  5. Thanks for sharing these treasures!

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  6. THANK YOU so much for this lovely post. I am honored.

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  7. lindabaie

    “Take The Breath of day away” with that sunset picture is so beautiful. These examples from Lee show just how much he’s given to poetry. Beautiful, Fats!

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  8. Kay Mcgriff

    All three poems are lovey! Thanks for sharing them. I love the librarian one from School People.

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  9. Visually fascinating and so creative. Thanks for sharing those, and what a lovely gift for Lee!

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  10. I love the “Librarian” poem, thanks for sharing this beautiful and rich collection of Lee’s books and poems!

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