[Poetry Friday] Of “Love That Doesn’t Work Well”

poetry friday

Fats here.



In celebration of National Poetry Month and our theme on Fearless Females and Courageous Women, I thought of sharing a poem from Japanese Women Poets: An Anthology, translated by Hiroaki Sato.


Today’s featured poet is Ōba Minako. She was a member of the Japanese Academy of Arts and won most of the major literary prizes in Japan for her stories and novels. She published just one book of poems, Sabita Kotoba (Rusted Words), in 1971. I chose her poem below because of the imagery and portrayal of things that can never be.

Many thanks to Laura Purdie Salas of Writing the World for Kids
for hosting the Poetry Friday round-up!



May you find love that works well!

8 Comments on [Poetry Friday] Of “Love That Doesn’t Work Well”

  1. Thank you for sharing Minako Ōba’s work!


  2. Thanks for introducing me to Minako Oba’s work. Great offering for National Poetry Month.


  3. Interesting poem! Thanks for the intro to Minako Oba. The anthology looks good. 🙂


  4. Oh my! Folding wet origami paper would be like making sushi with uncooked rice!


  5. This feels so modern! Love these images–thanks for sharing a poem I likely wouldn’t have come across otherwise:>)


  6. There’s a lot of attitude in this poem. And I agree with Laura – it feels modern. (I’m always tell my kids the 70s aren’t ‘old’!)


  7. maryleehahn // April 9, 2016 at 8:42 pm // Reply

    What totally unique similes!


  8. Wow! This little poem says so much. Thanks for sharing.


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