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[Poetry Friday]: What does nature know?

poetry friday

Iphigene here.

While I have been born and raised in the city and enjoy all the conveniences it has to offer, recently I have become more and more engrossed by nature. I could spend hours sitting in a garden, among trees, enjoying their beauty and the wisdom it whispers, I really want to visit a garden.

This poem I’m sharing today came from a few lines a typed into my  phone. I revisited it recently and worked it into a complete poem. I hope you enjoy this foray into nature. Thanks Carol for hosting today’s Poetry Friday. Head on to Carol’s Corner for more poetry.


14 comments on “[Poetry Friday]: What does nature know?

  1. Lovely! Getting out into the natural world can be so inspirational, can’t it?


  2. A beautiful reminder to live in the moment. Thanks, Iphigene!


    • You are welcome Michelle. I have come to realize that nature teaches us what we need to know to move forward in this life. It’s impermanence allows us to savor today, but to also see the hope in tomorrow. 🙂


  3. maryleehahn

    I am inspired by the surrender of winter branches!


  4. Some big truth, I think, in your poem. I love the broken branch and the autumn leaves.


    • Hi Carol,
      Nature, when we observe it, truly offers up wisdom. We miss out on it sometimes. I know, I did, but once I immersed myself to it, I realize how much it teaches us about living and dying.


  5. Such a thoughtful poem, Iphigene.


  6. These lines speaks to me (because my OLW for this year is stretch)…
    “Barren winter branches, stand tall
    stretched open surrendering”
    Nature has so much to teach us if we will be still and listen. Thanks for a lovely poem.


    • You are welcome Ramona. I am glad that your OLW coincided with this poem. We think of surrender often as defeat and rarely to we stretch to it, but surrender can be wonderful and something worth stretching towards.


  7. I like your poem’s message to focus on the good moments and let the worries go. I like your vision of life renewed amidst struggle, blooms and beauty throughout.


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