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[Photo Journal] A Small Chapel in the Biggest Youth Library Housed in a Castle – Blutenburg in Munich


Myra here.

We are excited to share photographs every Tuesday about our recent or long-ago travels, or just everyday stuff that appealed to our mindful eye and sharp sensibilities as captured through fleeting images.

Chapel in the Blutenburg Castle

Nope, I haven’t finished posting about the lovely International Youth Library (IYL) housed inside the Blutenburg Castle in Munich. Last week, my Photo Journal post featured our all-too-brief visit in IYL and my Saturday Reads post shared the special tour that we were given as well as the wonderful people I had the opportunity to meet while we were there.

I forgot to mention that there is also a charming chapel inside the castle. Since today is the 8th of September, known universally as the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, I thought that this would be a fitting post.

I obtained the information that I am sharing here from this Wikipedia entry.


Sigismund of Bavaria also ordered the construction of the palace chapel, a splendid masterpiece of late Gothic style which still has preserved its stained-glass windows, along with the altars with three paintings created in 1491 by Jan Polack.





The cycle of the statues of the apostles on the side walls was built around 1490/95.



The executive master is controversial, which is why the statues are assigned to the “Master of the Blutenburg apostles.” The apostles can not always be clearly identified as the attributes were partially reversed or lost. Appendant to these figures the “Man of Sorrows” and the distinguished “Mother of God” (Blutenburger Madonna) were erected in the choir on crest consoles that match those of the apostles.

2 comments on “[Photo Journal] A Small Chapel in the Biggest Youth Library Housed in a Castle – Blutenburg in Munich

  1. What a treat to visit there (however brief)! Thanks for bringing us with you.


  2. You keep making me jealous! 😉


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