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[Poetry Friday]: My Mortality

poetry friday

Iphigene here.

In my previous Poetry Friday post, I mentioned my general fascination with life and death. There are people who are in constant search for the Fountain of Youth. I, on the other hand, welcome death with open arms. We fear it so much, and yet it is an inevitable part of existence. Knowing that death is just there, allows us to live and to savor.

I wrote this poem years back. I keep thinking of death and dying. My morbid fascinations, I realize, found outlet in my poetry. Thanks to  Check It Out for hosting today’s Poetry Friday.


15 comments on “[Poetry Friday]: My Mortality

  1. How courageous to tackle this subject in a manner that is so introspective and deep.


    • Poetry has always given me a means to look at an experience, ruminate over it, and speak of it. I find, entering into character, and playing that character allows me to ponder the what ifs and this poem is one of those. I am glad that in some way I gave justice to the experience narrated in the poem.

      Thanks for dropping by.



  2. I’m not at all afraid of my own death, and knowing it’s coming reminds me to make the most of the days I have, like you. But I’m terribly afraid of losing people I love…harder to embrace that.


    • Hi heidi,
      Yes, losing someone is harder. I have experience loss 3 times in my life and all were heartbreaking. But as with all death, it is the living that carry the pain.


  3. Laura Shovan

    Hi, Iphigene. I can see that our posts were serendipitous today. My favorite image in your poem is the hands cupping water, which speaks so strongly to hope and loss. Sending you love.


  4. I love that line that “gathers up the crumbs” Iphigene, and the rest too is to be savored. It has such a sweet tone.


    • Hi Linda,
      The line you quoted is actually inspired by that image in the bible where the poor boy says ‘even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the table.” I’m glad you enjoyed this poem Linda.


  5. maryleehahn

    Carpe diem!


  6. Thanks for sharing, Iphigene. We should all stop to ponder, and appreciate the present moment. Your poem also reminds me of the Bible verse, “Teach us to number our days…” (Psalm 90:12)


  7. That was a beautifully written poem.


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