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[Photo Journal/ A-Z Photo Story Challenge] O is for Observatory



Fats here.

I’m delighted to join Frizztext’s A-Z Photo Story Challenge this week. Letter tagged is O and I’m sharing photos I took during my short visit to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA. Griffith Observatory is said to be one of the most famous landmarks in southern California. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday and the admission is free. The Observatory offers stargazing on select days. For more info, you may check out the Griffith Observatory website. All text in quotes taken from the Observatory’s website.


“The land on which Griffith Observatory sits was once a part of a Spanish settlement known as Rancho Los Felis… The land stayed in the Felis family for over a century, being subdivided through generations, until Griffith, a wealthy mining speculator, purchased what remained of the rancho in 1882.”


“Griffith Observatory was shaped not only by the minds of scientists but also by the times in which it was built. A major earthquake in Long Beach in March 1993… led the architects to abandon the planned terra cotta exterior in favor of strengthening and thickening the building’s concrete walls.”


“During 2010, Griffith Observatory celebrated 75 years of public service to the people of Los Angeles, California, and the world.”


This is one of my favorite exhibits from the Observatory: a periodic table of elements like you’ve never seen before.


“Once a month, the Los Angeles Astronomical Society and Sidewalk Astronomers hold a star party at the Observatory in which many more telescopes are available for public viewing.”
NOTE:The said telescopes are set up on the lawn or East Observation Terrace for public use during the event.


The Griffith Observatory is also the home of the Cafe at the End of the Universe, operated by the Austrian celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.


The Stellar Emporium Gift Shop is across the cafe. It is a gift and book store that is operated by museum expert Event Network.


You can see the Hollywood sign from the Observatory, but I figured that this is a better view of the city, not to mention a great location for hiking and running enthusiasts. In all honesty, the walk to the Griffith Observatory is an exercise in and of itself.


I see him, he sees me. I thought this shot was timed perfectly.


The Griffith Observatory features a variety of shows and exhibits, and it is also a nice place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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2 comments on “[Photo Journal/ A-Z Photo Story Challenge] O is for Observatory

  1. once my favorite writer G.C. Lichtenberg (1742-1799) said: sometimes it’s better to use a diminishing glass than a zoom to understand things objectively …


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