Poetry Friday: Showing Some Aqua-Love for Kate Coombs’ Water Sings Blue

poetry friday


Our offering for Poetry Friday today is tied-in with our bimonthly theme, Crazy Over Cybils. Water Sings Blue, written by Kate Coombs and illustrated by Meilo So, made it to the top 5 2012 Cybils Finalists for the poetry category. I’m happy to share with you samples from the book. Poetry Friday is hosted today by Violet Nesdoly from Violet Nesdoly / poems.

Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems394880_10151299307628700_2144653735_n

Poems by: Kate Coombs
Illustrated by: Meilo So
Published by: Chronicle Books
Genre: Poetry, picture book
Hardcover: 36 pages
Own copy of the book. All book photos by me. Poem samples edited through iPhone 4.

I was delighted to find out that Kate Coombs, author of The Secret-Keeper, grew up in Southern California. Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems is Kate Coombs’ first poetry collection. It is a beautiful and lyrical tribute to the ocean, with topics ranging from blue whale to driftwood, and from the deep waters to the surface. The short, playful verses are fun to read. These ocean poems are complemented by illustrations by Meilo So, done in gorgeous watercolor from the jacket illustration to the last page of the book. It made me want to drive to the nearest beach and run wild towards the water. In this book, blue is the color of happiness, and it is a dazzling and brilliant read.

Here are sample pages from this luscious book:

From the poem, What the Waves Say.

From the poem, What the Waves Say.

From the poems, Blue Whale and Shipwreck.

From the poems, Blue Whale and Shipwreck.

And here are our Poetry Friday offerings, the first of which is my favorite:

song of the boat

octopus ink

ocean realty

Hope you like them!
What’s your Poetry Friday offering today?


Water Sings Blue, 2012 Cybils Finalist
AWB Reading Challenge Update: 5 of 35


Read-A-Latte Challenge: 9 of 150

18 Comments on Poetry Friday: Showing Some Aqua-Love for Kate Coombs’ Water Sings Blue

  1. Catherine Johnson // January 18, 2013 at 9:03 am // Reply

    That was my favorite poetry book of 2012, I must get around to owning a copy. Great choice!


  2. Oh Fats, this book looks glorious. Will definitely include this in our Project Splash! Asia bibliography – we’re collecting titles for publication in time for AFCC this year. So exciting. This will definitely be on the list.


  3. Those are such gorgeous illustrations.


    • They are indeed!! I couldn’t decide which ones to feature so I ended up with the two blue spreads. Thank you for dropping by Katya!! =)


  4. Fabulous collection to highlight – I especially love “Octopus Ink”. Thanks so much for sharing this book. Happy Friday! =)


  5. Hi, Fats. Wow. My mother is studying watercolor right now and she will be SO impressed when I share this post with her. That spread with “Blue Whale” & “Shipwreck” — just gorgeous.


  6. That is one beautiful book…thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  7. I couldn’t help myself – bought this book last year. I’ve so enjoyed swimming around in it! Thanks for sharing here today, Fats – Happy Weekending!


    • Hello Robyn!! Oh I love how you described your experience when you read the book! Truly a magnificent find. I was so happy I discovered this in a thrift store!! Happy reading week to you!! =)


  8. I think I want this book! You do a very appealing review. Thanks for including it in Poetry Friday offering, Fats Suela!


  9. What a stunning book! Thanks for sharing it. I love the line from “Song of the Boat”: “For the water sings blue and the sky does too.”


  10. This one’s on my wish list. Beautiful book!


  11. Thanks, Fats — those are masterful poems and gorgeous illustrations! I even really like the font that they use.


  12. All The World is one of my favorite books. I heard Allyn and Marla talk about ti at Once Upon a Time Bookstore in Montrose and I fell in love with it.


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