IMM(34): More Book Bargains and Library Love

This is our 34th contribution to The Story Siren’s In My Mailbox hosted by the lovely Kristi every Sunday. A great way to share the books that we have bought, borrowed, stolen, flew to our hands (by fate, chance, circumstance) or were given to us over the week. Here are a few of mine from the past week (or so).

Book Bargains

Simply because I can not get enough of Bras Basah here in Singapore, I come back again and again and again – and get rewarded for my efforts! That’s positive reinforcement! And finally I found Dicey’s Song by Cynthia Voigt, Newbery Medalist (perfect for the Newbery Reading Challenge and the second book in the Tillerman Cycle Series). I found four out of the seven books on bargain. At the moment, I am looking for three more books to complete the series: The Runner, Come a Stranger, and Sons from Afar. I am crossing my fingers that I get to see them in my further visits to Bras Basah. I also bought Heidi by Johana Spyri – a classic. My ten year old daughter might like this. And yes these books only cost 2.90 sgd each. How can one possibly resist? I am only human, after all.

I have always been keenly interested in Patricia C. Wrede, so it’s nice to see Thirteenth Child also on sale at 2.90. It’s also in a pretty good condition. I’ve been meaning to get myself a copy of Falling Leaves for the longest time by Adeline Yen Mah, primarily because my review of her Chinese Cinderella happens to be one of our most popular posts here in GatheringBooks. I hope that I can also find the time to review this book.

My daughter was overjoyed when she saw these Hank Zipzer books. She’s crazy about them: Niagara Falls or Does It? and A Tale of Two Tails. We also have a collection of Jerry Spinelli books, so it’s nice to find Report to the Principal’s Office. And yes, these books are worth only 1 sgd each.

More 1 sgd books: Rumer Godden’s Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, the Klise Sisters’ Trial by Jury and Eva Ibbotson’s The Secret of Platform 13. 🙂

Now, here are some book bargains from our local church. They sell these babies for 1 sgd each as well. Again, the challenge for me is to find treasures amidst the bulk of books on sale. I bought another Jerry Spinelli Book, a Newbery Honor book at that: Wringer. I am excited to read it and to include it in our AWB (Award-Winning-Books) Reading Challenge, do join us and sign up if you haven’t already. I am also slowly collecting Darren Shan’s Demonata books which I also found on sale during the Page One Warehouse Sale in Singapore. This is Book Three, I believe.

I was also taken by The Ballad of Lucy Whipple by Karen Cushman, something about the book spoke to me. Mort by Terry Pratchett is Book Four in his Discworld Series. I’ve read Holes by Louis Sachar, but I think I lost my copy. It’s a Newbery Medal book. I’d like to re-read it for the Newbery Honor Challenge that we have also joined this year. We could also put this up for a give-away sometime end of the year for those who participated in the Reading Challenge. 🙂

NIE and Community Library Love

My daughter could not wait for me to buy her this Big Nate copy so she thought of borrowing it from the library instead: Big Nate Out Loud by Lincoln Peirce. And yes, more Gene Luan Yang with The Eternal Smile.

I thought I knew all of the NYRB books from our community library, appears like this is a recent acquisition: Terrible Horrible Edie by E. C. Spykman. I was also intrigued by Mother Reader’s review of this book The Only Ones by Aaron Starmer so I thought of giving it a try.

When Linda Baie from Teacher Dance shared this in her Poetry Friday post, I knew that I had to borrow it from our library. I felt so relieved to discover that we actually have it in my institution’s library (it isn’t available in the community libraries): Teaching with Fire – Poetry that Sustains the Courage to Teach edited by Sam M. Intrator and Megan Scribner. Since the time that I borrowed it, I’ve been sharing it with my teacher-students this semester. Truly a lovely book. That’s it! Pretty modest by my standards.

How about you? What’s in your mailbox this week?

33 comments on “IMM(34): More Book Bargains and Library Love

  1. Thanks for mentioning the anthology Myra & my blog! I do love that book & got acquainted with it all over again when I wrote the post. I’m so gratified that you like it & are sharing with your students. You found another good group of books this week. It is amazing what we acquire, isn’t it? I’m been exchanging picture book ‘finds’ with a primary teacher friend at school & she loaned me two books which I write about on Monday. I have started The Mighty Miss Malone (from our school library) and next is Bigger Than A Breadbox. Oh my, it’s a lot! Of yours, I have read quite a few – Hoot, Wringer, the Nate book, & love all the Voigt books, but one that really caught my eye is Yang’s book The Eternal Smile. Is it a graphic novel too? I loved his American Born Chinese & have used it in a book group. Nice shopping!


    • Hi Linda, I have heard about The Mighty Miss Malone – supposed to be a contender for 2013 Newbery? Nice! And yes, Bigger than a Breadbox has received a lot of buzz and people generally have positive things to say about such an important book. I haven’t started with Cynthia Voigt yet, I am holding off until I get all the books in the series. I have already read Holes, but planning on re-reading it for the Newbery challenge. 🙂 It is always great to find these lovelies on bargain!


  2. So many books! You’ve got some good ones here, my favourite being Holes.


  3. Thanks for stopping in at Book Strings. You found some great bargains! Holes and Wringer are fantastic! Happy Reading 🙂


  4. Great books this week. I have to stop over at book strings. Check out their deals.

    Thanks for stopping by my IMM this week.



  5. Awesome haul! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  6. Awesome book deals for you and your daughter! Happy reading 🙂


  7. Some great “oldies!” I loved Heidi when I was young, and Holes is one of my all time favs. Hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting!


  8. Yes, you are right, these are absolutely in character for you. Some I have read, some are favorite authors, but all look good. I hope you enjoy them all,


  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You got some great bargains! I am now following you, because I am intrigued to find somebody else who also seems interested in reading through the Newberys!


    • Hi Kary, there is actually a Newbery Medal Reading Challenge you might be interested to check out. And we are also hosting our very own Award-Winning-Books Reading challenge which you might want to join. It’s not just restricted to Newberys but all other book awards. 🙂


  10. Wow, so many great books!! I need to still read Thirteenth Child. It sounds so good!!
    Enjoy all your books!! 🙂


  11. Anything Spinelli writes is on my “to read” list. I love his novels.

    Great new reads to your collection. I hope you enjoy them all. Thanks for stopping by.

    Happy Reading!

    Wannabe Librarian’s IMM


  12. Hello Myra! *waves to you all the way from Canada* It’s my first time to your site and I must say it’s awesome. I love the design. so pretty! Anyhoo, I just wanted to say thanks for visiting my site and commenting on my own IMM. I just love getting comments. And you have such a great haul here. WOW Slawter looks like something I’d definitely pick up!


  13. The cover of Thirteenth Child reminds me of books by F.E. Higgins. And yay you found an Eva Ibbotson book. Of your loot this week, my favorite is The Only Ones by Aaron Starmer. There’s something cryptic about the cover.


    • Hey beautiful, you’re right. I do have two or three titles from FE Higgins and there is a striking similarity, yes. I can’t wait to start with The Only Ones too, but alas I am currently buried in Madam Ninotchka’s Twice Blessed. 🙂


  14. Great set! I liked Holes. I read one Cynthia Voigt book. I can’t remember if it was Dicey’s Song or not 🙂 It was a long time ago.
    My IMM


  15. You sure bought a lot of books! Heidi is indeed a classic and I loved it very much when I read it while growing up – perfect book for a kid.

    Here’s my Mailbox.


  16. I wasn’t aware of these Jerry Spinelli titles. I’ll have to keep my eye out for them. Thanks for stopping by The Prairie Library!


  17. I don’t know what I’d do without my neighborhood libraries. I certainly wouldn’t be able to do IMM’s every week! Great haul and thanks for stopping by!


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