IMM (24): Recent Book Releases to Classics and everything in between

Recently, its rare for me to post anything for IMM. After all I don’t have access to a library and I’m on a book buying diet. However, thanks to my birthday last October 30 I received a few books.  My brother’s family gave me a gift certificate from a book store and a close friend gave me my most coveted book of the year. Can you see my big wide smile?

Today’s IMM title is brought to you by the fact I have two books that are ‘recent’ releases and a few ‘classics.’ So let’s get on with it!

Do I even have to tell you how much I’ve been itching to get this book?! We joined the Murakami Challenge for my sake. LOL. This isn’t cheap and I rarely get a copy of Murakami’s book fresh out of press, but a dear friend was kind enough to get this for my birthday. I haven’t read it yet. But I promise you I’ll read it before the year is over.  I am at awe at its presence on my shelf.

Susan Cooper is a classic in her genre. I’ve been meaning to read this for years, but haven’t really gotten to it. This book is thick. It’s the complete series. I’m excited about this. This is one of the many books I purchased from the Gift Certificate.

I’ve read Pseudonymous Bosch’s book 1 early last year. I never had the chance to read the sequels because reading serial books require time and I was too busy to pursue the whole endeavor. But I’m ready now. Got book 2 and 3 courtesy of the gift certificate.  (I can’t seem to stop saying it! Bear with me, free books just make me gush!).

My last purchases from the gift certificate were these two books.  A Visit from the Good Squad is a fairly recent release and the blogsphere has been gushing about this book. I’ve been meaning to read it. I finally got myself a copy. The EM Forster is part of my personal goal of reading more books from the 1001 Must Read Books before you Die.  I enjoy reading my favorite authors, but I also like challenging my comfort zone and reading from that list will definitely push me to read more.

So that’s my IMM post for the day. I hope you enjoyed it.  Now that you know what’s in my mailbox I’m curious what’s in yours. 🙂

13 comments on “IMM (24): Recent Book Releases to Classics and everything in between

  1. A book buying diet, I feel for you! And you obviously have more courage than I to attempt it. What a great family and friends you have to give you the best gift of all. I know you will enjoy the Dark is Rising Series, one of my all time top favorites. I am convinced that this series is one of the reasons that Rowley’s Potter series took off. The Redwall Abbey series by Jacques is the other “encourager.” After Potter, I asked several librarians about Cooper’s series and that is where a lot of young and middle school readers went to after Potter – if they didn’t already know it. They said that they couldn’t keep it on the shelves. I reread them last summer.



    • Hi Dr Bob! This is actually Iphigene’s post. There are three of us running GatheringBooks – there is (1) me, and (2) Iphigene who is coming from the Philippines, a former student of mine in Psychology who’s taking her graduate studies in developmental psychology – (say Hi, Iphigene!); and (3) Fats who is from San Diego, also a former student of mine in Psychology who is now a Nurse in the States and a child too of GatheringBooks.

      I myself have gotten a copy of Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising – I heard it’s being made into a film – sadly, I haven’t read it yet.

      I’ve read the Chronicles of Prydain (The book of three, The Black Cauldron, The Castle of Llyr, Taran Wanderer, The High King) by Lloyd Alexander several years back and I’ve been avidly waiting for a film adaptation.

      We’ve all been in love with Pseudonymous Bosch ever since his “The Name of this book is secret” – that is also a great book for high ability learners/talented readers – talks about synaesthesia!! 🙂


  2. Oooh, let us know how you like 1Q84! 😀
    My IMM


  3. Enjoy all your books – they all look stellar! 🙂


  4. I hear A Visit from the Goon Squad is good! My colleague read it..
    IQ84 looks interesting, but the SIZE of that book is a bit intimidating! LOL!

    Michele | IMM


  5. Ooh The Dark Rising sounds really cool!

    Xpresso Reads


  6. Great Mailbox this week!

    If you have a moment, please come and vote on your favorite YA Novel’s Character:
    My Mailbox


  7. I’ve seen 1Q84 on a few blogs and just looked it up, it looks to be an interesting read.

    Thanks for stopping by, I think part of the reason I bought Charlie St. Cloud is because Zefron was on the front cover.


  8. The Murakami book looks very cool and I’ve heard good things about A Visit from the Good Squad. Enjoy your new reads & have a great week!


  9. Great mailbox! I hope you enjoy all your new reads!


  10. Great stuff this week! Although, I am sad for you that you don’t have access to a library. I would hardly have ANYTHING to post on my IMM if it weren’t for my library. Have a great week!


  11. I just saw Pseudonymous Bosch recently at YALLfest. He was really funny. I hope you enjoy the next too books in his series! Happy reading!


  12. Happy Birthday! Happy Reading!

    Check out my IMM! I just started my blog so it is my very first one!


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