Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday: Trick of Light

I wasn’t planning on posting an original today. I thought of featuring a poem I read in a child’s collection of poems. However, I forgot where I’ve hidden that book. So today, for another poetry Friday we’re posting an original. An old poem, but an original. I hope you enjoy it.

As usual,  I set it up as an image. Image source from here. Hope you enjoy the poem.

Today’s Poetry Friday is hosted by Carol at Carol’s Corner

7 comments on “Poetry Friday: Trick of Light

  1. Nice. I love your poetry, Iphigene. =)


  2. “the prism of truth” — Love that image!

    Hey, you’ve been participating in Poetry Friday pretty regularly…are you interested in hosting the round up? If you are, leave a comment here:



    • Glad you enjoyed that line, as the poem sort of played around the idea of light and prisms.
      Hosting poetry sounds great.


  3. Fascinating poem, nicely-matched image! Well done.


    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the whole look of it. It’s my way of ensuring that wordpress doesn’t play around the layout of the poem. 🙂


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