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  3. Libby Cohen

    These are several books that I recently read and loved. “Miss New India” by Bharati Mukherjee is about the immense social, economic and cultural changes that are taking place in India. The book focuses on Anjali, a young woman living in rural India, her journey to Bangalore and her experiences as a new migrant in a complex, evolving mega-city. The book was riveting.

    I recently read “A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother” by Janny Scott. I gained admiration for President Obama’s mother and her many substantive contributions which were accomplished during her years in Indonesia. I gained insight Indonesia’s history, culture, and society and I learned about the influence of his mother on Barack Obama. This is an unforgettable book.

    Another book, “Burmese Lessons: A True Love Story” by Karen Connelly transported me to Burma and the people who actively resist the government. The book centers on the passionate love story between the book’s author and a charismatic Burmese leader of the resistance. It depicts the harsh lives of activists and their families who live along the Thai-Burma border. I gained a deeper understanding of the conflict and the struggles of people who resist oppression.

    “Dreaming in Chinese” by Deborah Fallows is another true story about the author’s adventures in learning Mandarin while her husband was posted in Shanghai. The book takes a light-hearted view of the author’s struggles and triumphs in learning to speak Mandarin. The chapter titles are engaging and the language is playful. Several examples are: “When rude in polite,” “Finding your way in China–the semantics of time and place.” This book is a quick, enjoyable read about living and learning in China.


    • myragarcesbacsal

      Hi Libby, these are all wonderful titles! So glad to have you drop by in our little nook/corner here. We miss your reviews! But I do know how busy you are right now. Would definitely check out these books that you recommended. Thanks again and see you next week!


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