Jan – March 2018 Linky for #LitWorld2018GB

It is 2018, fellow book geeks. Time for us to get out of our comfy-reading-nooks, and take a trip around the world in books. Before you link-up your reviews, make sure that you have signed up in our Sign-Up page.

Please follow this format as you link-up:

Your Name – Name of Your Blog (Country/Countries of the book you just reviewed),

e.g. Myra – GatheringBooks (Singapore).

Do note that you can link up as many reviews as you wish, even if they come from the same country. This database would allow you to track if you tend to read from one country, more than others – that would be amazing documentation by end of the year. This would also give you more chances to receive our monthly book prizes which would be announced on a quarterly basis (end of March).

We look forward to seeing what countries you have visited during the first quarter of the year! Click on the linky below.

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3 comments on “Jan – March 2018 Linky for #LitWorld2018GB

  1. Vinny – ‘Billypar’ on Litsy
    Literary Hitchhiker
    The Idiot – Russia

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I also read Murder on the Orient Express (Croatia) for this period, but missed the linkup: http://www.danahuff.net/review-murder-on-the-orient-express-agatha-christie-narr-kenneth-branagh/


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