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[BHE 451] Light-Filled Picturebooks to Welcome 2021

Book Depository + Overdrive = LOVE

Myra here.

In keeping with our upcoming reading theme, here are some light-filled picturebooks that have recently arrived in my doorstep.

Picturebook Love

(1) This Small Blue Dot by Zeno Sworder (Amazon | Book Depository)

(2) My Little One by Germano Zullo and Albertine (Amazon | Book Depository)

(3) A Story About Afiya by James Berry and Anna Cunha (Amazon | Book Depository)

(4) Boundless Sky by Amanda Addison and Manuela Adreani (Amazon | Book Depository)

(5) I’m Finding My Talk by Rebecca Thomas and Pauline Young (Amazon | Book Depository)

(6) I Lost My Talk by Rita Joe and Pauline Young (Amazon | Book Depository)

(7) Oscar Seeks A Friend by Pawel Pawlak (Amazon | Book Depository)

(8) In Plain Sight by Richard Jackson and Jerry Pinkney (Amazon | Book Depository)

(9) The Most Beautiful Thing by Kao Kalia Yang and Khoa Le (Amazon | Book Depository)

(10) Crying Is Like The Rain by Heather Hawk Feinberg and Chamisa Kellogg (Amazon | Book Depository)

(11) You Might Find Yourself by Tai Snaith (Amazon | Book Depository)

(12) Every Color Of Light by Hiroshi Osada and Ryoji Arai (Amazon | Book Depository)

(13) Rain Before Rainbows by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and David Litchfield (Amazon | Book Depository)

(14) Black Is A Rainbow Color by Angela Joy and Ekua Holmes (Amazon | Book Depository)


(15) The Big Sibling Getaway by Korrie Leer (Amazon | Book Depository)

(16) Santa Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins (Amazon | Book Depository)

(17) The Three Little Yogis And The Wolf Who Lost His Breath by Susan Verde and Jay Fleck (Amazon | Book Depository)

(18) To The Moon And Back For You by Emilia Bechrakis Serhant and EG Keller (Amazon | Book Depository)

(19) Grace Hopper: Queen Of Computer Code by Laurie Wallmark and Katy Wu (Amazon | Book Depository)

(20) Oskar And The Eight Blessings by Richard Simon and Tanya Simon and Mark Siegel (Amazon | Book Depository)

So what are you planning to read this year? Share with us your book haul and recent book finds!

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