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#GB101020 – List Of Ten Interviews @ GatheringBooks

Interviews with Authors, Illustrators, Poets, Graphic Novelists over the past ten years here at GatheringBooks.

Myra here.

The whole month of July will be devoted to sharing our List of 10 for GatheringBooks’ 10 years in 2020 – #GB101020.

Over the past ten years, we have had the privilege of featuring our conversations with a whole lot of authors, illustrators, poets, graphic novelists through our Meet the Storyteller and Illustrator’s Sketchpad. I am so grateful that I was able to meet so many brilliant, fun, highly creative people, thanks to GatheringBooks. I am highlighting my list of ten interviews conducted, shared here in no particular order.

(01) Ninotchka Rosca: Literary Journeys Of Ninotchka Rosca

(02) Margarita Engle: “The Women [and Poetry] in Margarita Engle’s Writings”

(03) Gemino H. Abad: A Discussion about the Moon, Muses, and Poetry

(04) Suzy Lee: Narrative Of A Book Artist

(05) Paolo Fabregas – Creative Journeys Of A Graphic Novelist

(06) Candy Gourlay – Not-so-Tall Stories about Being an Author, a Journalist, and Finding Home in a Foreign Land

(07) Budjette Tan – Budjette Tan’s Alexandra Trese

(08) Ying Chang Compestine – An Evening With Ying Chang Compestine At The Arts House in Singapore

(09) AJ Low (Felicia Low-Jimenez and Adan Jimenez) – Meet the Intrepid, Lego-Loving, Dr.Who-Fanatic, Food-Aficionado Parents of Sherlock Sam

(10) Shaun Tan – King Of The Surreal and The Peculiar

This photo was taken at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content, when we had the privilege of having a virtual conversation with Shaun Tan.

We hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with us. What a privilege to have spent time with these brilliant creators, made possible through GatheringBooks.

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