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#GB101020 – List Of Ten Netflix International Crime Series

.. because we love subtitles

Myra here.

We are celebrating our ten year Blogiversary this July 2020!

The whole month of July will be devoted to sharing our List of 10 for GatheringBooks’ 10 years in 2020 – #GB101020.

Today, I am thrilled to share the international crime series that my husband and I binge-watched on Netflix. Some we have already seen two to three years ago, hence I will rely on the Youtube trailers for their summaries. I also thought that this List of 10 fits perfectly with our Year of International Literature theme as all ten Netflix series are subtitled and coming from different parts of the world.

Ten International Crime Series On Netflix Worth Binge-Watching

(10) La Mante – Setting: France

This was one of the very first foreign series that my husband and I watched. While it has been around four years back since we have seen the series, it remains unforgettable to this date.

(09) Deadwind (Karppi) – Setting: Finland

I am finding that I have a strange affinity for female police detectives, and Finnish detective Sofia Karppi, while flawed like any other police officer, remains fascinating.

(08) The Valhalla Murders (Brot) – Setting: Iceland

We have just finished watching this series two months ago. The detective in charge in Reykjavik is also a female police officer named Kata, who follows her instincts, and has very little patience with bureaucratic red tape.

(07) The Forest (La forêt) – Setting: France

Strange beautiful women, eerie music, a creepy forest, a solid cast, and another female French police officer. This one ticks all the boxes.

(06) Black Spot (Zone Blanche) – Setting: France

If you haven’t noticed yet – much of the European crime noir have female police officers as their lead and a remote, sinister forest as the primary setting.

(05) The Break (La Trêve) – Setting: Belgium

While the main character here is a male Belgian police detective, he was aided by a female psychologist, so there is that.

(04) Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) – Setting: Spain

This series has just been so much fun. We finished watching Season 4 a few months ago, and if you have been watching too, then you have Bella Ciao stuck in your head as well.

(03) Trapped (Ófærð) – Setting: Iceland

I really love the gentle bear-like nature of the primary police officer here, and his unfailingly-astute female Icelandic detective-partner.

(02) Bordertown (Sorjonen) – Setting: Finland

I love Kari, the Finnish police detective in this show. He reminds me slightly of House.

(1) Dark – Setting: Germany

I saved the best for last. This one is much more than a crime show, although a boy is missing and criminal acts have been committed; add the fact that the Chief of Police in this small town is a female officer. Make sure you have a notebook handy when you watch this series to keep track of who’s who. I can not wait for Season 3. This one has taken scifi-crime-noir series to a whole new level entirely.

Have you seen any of these shows yet? What did you think of them? Any other recommended titles that I may have missed out on?

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  1. I will share these with my parents…Thanks!

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