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Bunny Stories: Uniquely You

Featured titles: Rory the Rabbit and Lawrence: The Bunny Who Wanted to Be Naked

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Last week, I mentioned that I would be sharing picture books about bunnies and rabbits. This post concludes the mini-series. You may check out the other titles here and here.

Rory the Rabbit

Written by Yimei Wang
Illustrated by Chunmiao Li and Xuan He
Translated by Adam Lanphier
Published by Candied Plums (2017)
ISBN-13: 9781945295164

Image courtesy of Barnes and Noble online.

Rory the Rabbit is a cute story of a little rabbit with grey fur, short ears, and a lip that meets his nose. Rory’s short ears have never bothered him until he sees his reflection in the stream. Afraid that the other rabbits will make fun of him, Rory decides to venture and find a different group to belong to. He finds himself in the company of dogs, and then of bears. Rory only ends up feeling worse than ever. What do you will happen to Rory?

My copy of Rory the Rabbit came from the “World Language” collection in my library. I thought the artwork was cute but didn’t think that the layout of the book was reader-friendly. This edition is geared more toward people who are learning Chinese or can read Chinese. There is an English version in the back of the book, accompanied by mini versions of the illustrated pages. I think it would have been more enjoyable to read if they included the English translation along with the rest of the book. I’m just putting my two cents in. Anyway, it’s still a cute story overall.

Find a copy on Amazon | Book Depository

#ReadIntl2020 (China)

The Bunny Who Wanted to Be Naked

Written and illustrated by Vern Kousky
Published by Schwartz & Wade Books (2020)
ISBN-13: 9780525646655

Image courtesy of Amazon.

This is a bold story of a timid young bunny named Lawrence. Lawrence’s mother love-love-loves to dress him up. He is, after all, her one and only bunny. From colors to design to functionality, Lawrence’s mother certainly has an interesting sense of fashion. Oh, dear! The only thing Lawrence wants is to hop naked through the fields. Will Lawrence find his voice and make his mother understand? Kousky’s silly illustrations fill the pages of this funny picture book.

Find it on Amazon | Book Depository

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