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Bunny Stories: Adventure

Featured titles in this post: Rabbit Moon and The Bold, Brave Bunny.

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A few weeks before Easter, I planned on making a list of bunny-themed picture books but got busy with other things. There are so many books featuring bunnies and rabbits out there, and these are just a few of them. To make it easier and more manageable, I’m sharing these books in three separate parts. Today, it’s all about adventure.

Rabbit Moon

Written and illustrated by Jean Kim
Published by Scholastic (2018)
ISBN-13: 9781338036398

Image courtesy of Jean Kim, as featured on her website.

A secret dream takes midnight flight.
What is it we wish tonight?

Rabbit Moon‘s book cover and narrative style remind me of a sweet lullaby for a child. In this book, Rabbit Moon gathers wishes and turns them into stars. The dark sky then becomes illuminated with these twinkling starry wishes. But Rabbit Moon is lonely and he has his own wish, too. He sets off on an adventure in search of friends! What would happen to the sky when the wish guardian is off the moon? Inspired by Korean folklore, Rabbit Moon tells a tender story about the power of wishes and friendship.

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#ReadIntl2020 (Korea)

The Bold, Brave Bunny

Written by Beth Ferry
Illustrated by Chow Hon Lam
Published by HarperCollins (2020)
ISBN-13: 9780062850317

Image courtesy of HarperCollins.

Teetu the bunny lived in a very small burrow with his mother and father and brothers and sisters and aunt and uncle and cousins.

There were so many bunnies.
It. Wasn’t. Even. Funny.

What he wouldn’t do to get a break from all the. . . bunnies!!

As you may have already guessed from the excerpt above, The Bold, Brave Bunny is a humorous tale about a boy bunny named Teetu who wishes to get away from all the bunnies in his household. Get away he did. Armed with a flashlight that matches his backpack, Teetu ventures out into the forest, where nothing looked familiar. He finds it quite refreshing and liberating. Silhouettes of animals subtly incorporated by Malaysian artist and T-shirt designer Chow Hon Lam add a nice touch to the book.

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