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[BHE 413] Birthday Book Haul

From Fernando Pessoa to Elena Ferrante - and more.

Myra here.

I have just celebrated my birthday last month, so this is a much-belated post. As per usual, the only gift I ever require – apart from spending time with family, of course – is books. My husband is more than happy to oblige; he is, after all, my greatest enabler.

Birthday Book Haul

The Transformation Book by Fernando Pessoa (Amazon | Book Depository),

The Woman From Tantoura by Radwa Ashour and Translated by Kay Heikkinen (Amazon | Book Depository),

While I already own a copy of Fernando Pessoa’s The Book Of Disquiet (see here to also check out other international titles I bought in 2018), I simply could not resist this definitive edition.

The Book Of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa edited by Jeronimo Pizarro and Translated from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa (Amazon | Book Depository),

This is my second copy of this book because I lost the first one while my family and I were touring Jebel Hafit here in Al Ain: Irretrievable by Theodor Fontane with an Afterword by Phillip Lopate (Amazon | Book Depository),

The Sheikh CEO: Lessons In Leadership from Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum by Dr. Yasar Jarrar (Amazon),

The Complete Poems Of Anna Akhmatova with translations by Judith Hemschemeyer and edited and Introduced by Roberta Reeder (Amazon | Book Depository),

The Poems Of Octavio Paz edited and translated by Eliot Weinberger (Amazon | Book Depository)

Incidental Inventions by Elena Ferrante and Illustrations by Andrea Ucini and Translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein (Amazon | Book Depository),

Baba Dunja’s Last Love by Alina Bronsky (Amazon | Book Depository)

A Game Of Hide And Seek by Elizabeth Taylor (Amazon | Book Depository).

How about you? What are the books that managed to find you over the past few weeks?

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1 comment on “[BHE 413] Birthday Book Haul

  1. I’m reading Terra Incognita by Connie Willis. I think it’s a book I bought for a vacation trip a year or so ago! I’m usually always borrowing library books but I’m finally getting to some of my own books now.

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