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[BHE 412] Overdrive Picturebook Love

E-book haul and picturebook biographies.

Myra here.

Given how limited picturebooks are in the place where I live now, I have to rely on the National Library Overdrive in Singapore for my picturebook fix – especially picturebook biographies. Here is my fairly recent e-book haul.

My E-Book Haul

The Oldest Student: How Mary Walker Learned To Read by Rita Lorraine Hubbard and Oge Mora (Amazon | Book Depository),

Along Came Coco by Eva Byrne (Amazon | Book Depository),

A Voice For The Spirit Bears by Carmen Oliver and Katy Dockrill (Amazon | Book Depository),

Dancing Hands by Margarita Engle and Rafael Lopez (Amazon | Book Depository),

Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind by Judy Finchler & Kevin O’Malley (Amazon | Book Depository),

Freedom Bird by Jerdine Nolen and James E. Ransome (Amazon | Book Depository),

Ninja Boy’s Secret by Tina Schneider (Amazon | Book Depository),

Book Or Bell by Chris Barton and Ashley Spires (Amazon | Book Depository),

Just Like Me by Vanessa Brantley-Newton (Amazon | Book Depository),

Are You Sitting Comfortably? by Leigh Hodgkinson (Amazon | Book Depository),

The Story Machine by Tom McLaughlin (Amazon | Book Depository),

Margaret And The Moon: How Margaret Hamilton Saved The First Lunar Landing by Dean Robbins and Lucy Knisley (Amazon | Book Depository),

Gloria Takes A Stand by Jessica M. Rinker and Daria Peoples-Riley (Amazon | Book Depository).

Do you borrow books via Overdrive as well? What are the books that managed to find you over the past few weeks?

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