Gaston, and the art of overcoming mixups at birth.

Mix ups at birth

Kenneth here.

Written by Kelly DiPucchio
Illustrated by Christian Robinson
Published by Atheneum
ISBN-13: 9781442451025

Try as hard as he might to conform, Gaston is the odd pup out in his litter. But one day a chance encounter in the park brings to mind a puppy maternity ward mixup.

Is there a problem that needs fixing? And is the solution worse than the ‘problem’?

This is a modern twist on the tale of the ugly duckling (cue the ducks in the background on at least two picture spreads) with a neat ending.

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This book also made me recall the real life story of two pairs of identical twin boys in Colombia, accidentally swapped at birth so that one boy from each pair went home with the wrong parents. They all grew up thinking they were fraternal twins, only discovering as adults that there had been a mixup… trust me, you will get goosebumps reading this story!

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