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The Truly Brave Princesses by Dolores Brown

"Perhaps on more than one occasion you've seen a princess..."

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The Truly Brave Princesses

Written by Dolores Brown
Illustrated by Sonja Wimmer
Published by NubeOcho (2018)
ISBN-13: 9788417123383

Perhaps on more than one occasion you’ve seen a princess.

Maybe you didn’t realize she was actually a princess, because at that moment she was not wearing her crown.

But if you open your eyes wide and your heart, you will discover that there are more princesses than you ever imagined.

I fell in love with Dolores Brown’s The Truly Brave Princesses as soon as my eyes fell on the gorgeous red cover. It reminded me so much of Philippe Lechermeier’s The Secret Lives of Princesses. The Truly Brave Princesses is not your average fairy tale story. It has neither a plot nor straightforward narrative.

What this book have are 18 amazing women who are reign their own rights. From a seven-year-old who wants to be a Superheroine when she grows up to a sixty-eight-year-young retiree who enjoys photography, The Truly Brave Princesses shatters the traditional concept of princesses. Although the text is sparse, this book is brimming with inspiring stories of women. Sonja Wimmer’s whimsical illustrations add to the beauty of this book.

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