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[BHE 403] The Life Saving Grace Of Overdrive

On reading picturebooks on e-readers.

Myra here.

One of the things that I had to adjust to, living here in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in our small town in Al Ain, is the fact that our libraries are not as well stocked in comparison to what I am used to in Singapore. Hence, for my picturebook fix, I had to rely on my fast-expiring subscription at the National Library Board in my other home which I miss desperately for this very reason. Hence, Overdrive is life-saving indeed.

There was a time when I was convinced that I would never ever read picturebooks in an e-format. Goes to show we should never ever say never.

E-Books of Picturebooks on Overdrive

Do Not Take Your Dragon On A Field Trip by Julie Gassman and illustrated by Andy Elkerton (Amazon | Book Depository),

The Seekers by Hari & Deepti (Amazon | Book Depository).

One Dark Bird by Liz Garton Scanlon and illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon (Amazon | Book Depository),

The Specific Ocean by Kyo Maclear and Katty Maurey (Amazon | Book Depository)

Trains Run! by George Ella Lyon and Benn Lyon and Illustrated by Mick Wiggins (Amazon | Book Depository),

Small World by Ishta Mercurio and Jen Corace (Amazon | Book Depository)

Happy Hair by Mechal Renee Roe (Amazon | Book Depository),

Goodbye, Friend! Hello, Friend! by Cori Doerrfeld (Amazon | Book Depository).

This Is Not That Kind Of Book by Christopher Healy and Ben Mantle (Amazon | Book Depository),

The Invisible Garden by Valerie Picard and Illustrated by Marianne Ferrer (Amazon | Book Depository)

Yugen by Mark Reibstein and illustrated by Ed Young (Amazon | Book Depository),

Dude! by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Dan Santat (Amazon | Book Depository).

Get Me Out Of This Book: Rules And Tools For Being Brave by Kalli Dakos and Deborah Cholette and Illustrated by Sara Infante (Amazon | Book Depository),

The Little Red Stroller by Joshua Furst and Illustrated by Katy Wu (Amazon | Book Depository).

Another Way To Climb A Tree by Liz Garton Scanlon and Illustrated by Hadley Hooper (Amazon | Book Depository).

The Sea Saw by Tom Percival (Amazon | Book Depository),

Long Life by Mary Oliver (Amazon | Book Depository).

What books found their way into your shelves over the past several weeks?

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