[BHE 402] From KL to NYC

Kenneth here.

In January, I visited two bookshops – Lit Books in Kuala Lumpur and McNally Jackson in New York.

I found these titles in McNally Jackson (Prince Street, Nolita).

Airline Maps: A Century of Art and Design
by Mark Ovenden and Maxwell Roberts
Amazon | Book Depository

Space Settlements by Fred Scharmen
Amazon | Book Depository

An Underground Guide to Sewers by Stephen Halliday
Amazon | Book Depository

And these titles in Lit Books.

Usborne Illustrated Stories from China
Retold by Rosie Dickins & Andrew Prentice,
Illustrated by Li Weiding
Amazon | Book Depository

Illustrated Myths & Legends of China: The Age of Chaos and Heroes
Written by Huang Dehai, Xiang Jing, and Zhang Dinghao
Translated by Tony Blishen
Amazon | Book Depository

I couldn’t find links on either Amazon or Book Depository for these two titles, The King’s Chinese by Daryl Yeap and What I Saw in Malaya by Jeanne Cuisinier, so I’ve added links to information pages about the books instead.

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