[Poetry Friday] The Rime of the Modern Mariner

"The Rime of the Modern Mariner" by Nick Hayes.

Thank you to Kathryn Apel for hosting this week.

The Rime of the Modern Mariner
Written and Illustrated by:
Nick Hayes
Published by: Jonathan Cape / Random House
ISBN 13: 9780224090254

This book is beautifully illustrated and modernised version of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Updated with references to today’s technology and social issues, the poem becomes a morality tale for our environmentally (un)conscious times.

As in the original Rime, a sailor tells a stranger about his otherworldly encounters on a sea voyage, and of dire consequences to come for our continued excesses.

And as this blackness reached our boat
I stood in cold submission
For lolling on its bobbing prow
Was a ghoulish apparition

I’m no figment of your frontal lobe
No children’s story ghost
I am the real repercussion of
Your hubristic human boast
I am the blood of that beneath you
The composite of time
Such acid tears
I wept for years
But now you’ve burnt me dry
Oh! You gambled with a chaos
Whose cards you thought you knew
You’ve won a hundred million tonnes
But now, it seems
You lose!

And my favourite stanza (because of the alliteration)

At first it spat and pattered down
In peppered punctuation
But then it grew into a sluice
Of dense precipitation

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5 comments on “[Poetry Friday] The Rime of the Modern Mariner

  1. Let me guess where you got your copy. Because I have the same exact one – from most likely the same exact place where you got the book from. Hehehhee.

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  2. Rebecca Herzog

    This looks amazing! I will have to check it out.

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  3. WOW! I love this book already. I haven’t heard of it but will definitely be picking it up. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Kay Mcgriff

    This does look good. Thanks for sharing it!

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  5. That was unexpected. Thank-you for sharing.


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