Space Frontiers Redux

Kenneth here.

Following on from yesterday’s nonfiction space exploration post, I found a couple of modern takes on the topic for younger children, in the library.

Once Upon A Star
Written by: James Carter Illustrated by: Mar Hernandez
Published by: Caterpillar Books
ISBN 13: 9781848576544. Borrowed from Singapore NLB

From the Big Bang, to the creation of our sun and solar system, all the way to life on earth, we are all made of stardust. Once Upon A Star is a picture book containing the greatest story ever told, expressed in rhyme (more or less).

A billion trillion maybe more
lights like lanterns on a shore
GIANTS they are
and from so far
they just seem small
we call them STARS

So then what?
As all of space and time begin
very slowly first of all
the UNIVERSE would have to cool

Be still, my beating heart!

Buy Once Upon A Star on Amazon | Book Depository

Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers Of Space
Written by: Dr Dominic Walliman Illustrated by: Ben Newman
Published by: Flying Eye Books
ISBN 13: 9781909263079. Borrowed from Singapore NLB

The second book is an information book for older children, quirkily presented by Professor Astro Cat!

It includes the timeline of the Big Bang, life-cycle of stars, explanation of eclipses and tides as well as information about the moon landings, satellites, and the International Space Station, even asking the big questions of what other forms of life on other planets might look like, and what space travel of the future might look like.

Buy Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers Of Space
on Amazon | Book Depository

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