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[Saturday Reads] Mythically Fun Picturebooks

Check out "Unicorn Club" and "Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO" for Saturday Reads this week! Kawaii Unicorn artwork in the background is created by Vincent Trinidad, image courtesy of Threadless.

Fats here.

Every Saturday we hope to share with you our thoughts on reading and books. We thought that it would be good practice to reflect on our reading lives and our thoughts about reading in general. While on occasion, we would feature a few books in keeping with this, there would be a few posts where we will just write about our thoughts on read-alouds, libraries, reading journals, upcoming literary conferences, books that we are excited about, and just book love miscellany in general.

Busy weeks mean light reads! Check out these fun picture books I found in our catalog! Happy weekend!

Unicorn Club

Written by Suzy Senior
Illustrated by Leire Martin
Published by Tiger Tales (2019)
ISBN-13: 9781680101768

Buy Unicorn Club on Amazon | Book Depository

Amy is starting a unicorn fan club – with cupcakes and painting and prizes to win. But… is that a UNICORN up in the tree house? It’s time for some magic, so come and join in!

Unicorns are cute! Who doesn’t like unicorns? In this picture book by Suzy Senior, a little girl named Amy has decided to kick off the weekend with a Unicorn Club. She even made a poster with her shiny pink pen! She waited and waited until she realized that no one was coming! Oh, boo! Poor Amy! Her sadness was short-lived, however, for inside the tree house were some unicorns! Could it really be? Short but sweet, Unicorn Club is a great book for unicorn fans!

Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli
Illustrated by Federico Fabiani
Published by Farrar, Strauss & Giroux (2019)
ISBN-13: 9780374309190

Buy Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO on Amazon | Book Depository

Tallulah isn’t just the tooth fairy. She’s the CEO of tooth fairies.

Meet Tallulah. She is the Tooth Fairy CEO. She knows everything about being a tooth fairy. She is very passionate about her job and she knows how to maintain a healthy life-work balance. One evening, she comes across a boy who leaves a note under his pillow instead of his tooth! What a predicament! The boy’s letter turns Tallulah’s professional life upside down. What could the boy have said? I leave it for you to find out. Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO is a fun picture book for young readers. As an adult reader, I enjoyed the funny anecdotes in some pages. Overall, a sweet read about a tooth fairy who takes her job seriously.

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