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[Poetry Friday] “Girls of the Wild” by Nikita Gill

Birthday Poem #3: Girls of the Wild by Nikita Gill.


Fats here.

For the third week of our Wild Embers special, I am sharing one of Nikita Gill’s fairy-tale-inspired poems. This poem is for all the Red Riding Hoods who are in control of their destinies and like to live dangerously.

Linda at A Word Edgewise is in charge of the Poetry Friday round-up this week. Thank you, Linda!


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4 comments on “[Poetry Friday] “Girls of the Wild” by Nikita Gill

  1. Linda Mitchell

    What a wonderful last line…definitely an enchantment and enticement poem. Fun and I love a sassy heroine.


  2. maryleehahn

    You go, girl! LOVE this!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kay Mcgriff

    Love this strong girl ready to invite the wild in!


  4. Thanks Fats, I love this girl-centric, empowering poem, inviting “the wild in.”


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