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Concept Books That Are All About Fun: “Animalphabet” and “Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types”

These concept picture books are a must-have!

Fats here.

I was going through my current library checkouts and found two concept picture books that have been buried in a Summer Reading tote bag. I’d like to share them with you before I send them back to their owning libraries.



Written by Julia Donaldson | Illustrated by Sharon King-Chai
Published by Dial Books for Young Readers (2018)
ISBN-13: 9780525554158
Copy provided by Medina County District Library.
Cover image downloaded online. Page sample taken by me.


Each intricately cut flap in this ingenious read-aloud draws you further into a vibrant world of growling tigers, fancy butterflies, and slithery snakes. Clever hints and peekaboo holes within the artwork make this a delightful puzzle as well as a gorgeous alphabet book to treasure.

Julia Donaldson is known for her books, Room on the Broom and The Gruffalo. In Animalphabet, Donaldson and King-Chai invite readers on a whimsical tour of the animal kingdom. As they journey through forests, mountains, and seas, they also learn about the alphabet! The text is perfect for early readers and the illustrations will charm children and adults alike.


Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types

Designed by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss
Published by Blue Apple Books (2009)
ISBN-13: 9781934706787
Copy provided by Cleveland Public Library.
Cover image downloaded online. Page sample taken by me.


Blocky or small. Thick or tall.
Roundish, slope-y, fancy or dopey.
Letters look different in all different places.
That’s because they have different typefaces.

From an alligator made of aaa’s to a zebra made of zzz’s, the alphabeasties in this book are ingeniously built out of multiple typefaces. Adults and children will be engaged and delighted with the flaps, which lift to reveal “beasties” for each letter of the alphabet.

Similar to Animalphabet, Alphabeasties teach kids about the alphabet. What’s really neat about it is that it also introduces children to typography. Werner and Forss are graphic designers at a two-person design studio in Minnesota. In Alphabeasties, they did not just present a letter of the alphabet and a name of an animal that begins with that letter. They also included a couple of other words as well as a few examples of typefaces that a letter could have. Their concept is really great because it opens possibilities for readers and encourages them to invent their own typeface.

Printable alphabet poster found on Pinterest.

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