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[Poetry Friday] Affirmation – A Reminder from Eve L. Ewing

I am magic.


Fats here.

Happy Friday! I’m relieved that it’s *almost* the weekend. I’ve been so busy the last couple of weeks at work. On Wednesday, I attended an all-day workshop on Mental Health First Aid. Yesterday, I was out of the office and visited four residents who live in an assisted living facility to get them set up for Home Delivery Service. I am waiting to hear back from five more people and I need to set up an interview with a volunteer. *pulls hair out*

Fortunately, I enjoy what I’m doing. I think it’s great to be able to bring the library to people who are home-bound and unable to visit their local library. I’m physically exhausted as I type this but I’d like to take the opportunity to share a poem by Eve L. Ewing. The poem was taken from her poetry collection, Electric Arches, which I discovered earlier this year. Check out the awards and recognition of her book here and her accolades here.

Many thanks to Irene at Live Your Poem for hosting the Poetry Friday round-up!



5 comments on “[Poetry Friday] Affirmation – A Reminder from Eve L. Ewing

  1. I especially love “Somewhere inside me, too, it rains,
    and things will grow green and wonderful.”
    I know you’re very busy, but you’re doing great work!
    Thanks, Fats 🙂

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  2. Sending you all my love, Fats! 🙂

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  3. Kay Mcgriff

    What an important reminder. Yes we are alive

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  4. Linda Mitchell

    This is a beautiful poem…I love how the last three lines repeat the miracle we all need to rejoice in. Rest. I wish you rest and a tiny miracle this weekend to bring a smile.

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  5. This is a beautiful reminder. Thanks, Fats.

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