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Poetry Friday: Ode to Poetry II

I realized two things: 1) Poetry saves me all the time, and 2) She has lead me to a community that understands. 

poetry friday

Iphigene here.

Last time I was in Gathering Books was I think in 2017. I have taken a back seat from posting as my life right now has kept my hands full. Today’s post was something I deliberately asked Myra and Fats to give to me. Two days ago, I was sitting in a cafe and was trying to write out my sadness. It was a deep sadness I have become acquainted with these past few years. One that makes you question every single choice you’ve made.  As I wrote things down, I found myself visiting our website and checking the last time I posted. I found my last poem “Rewind” and read through everyone’s comments, reading through each comment moved me. I realized two things: 1) Poetry saves me all the time, and 2) She has lead me to a community that understands. 

My first foray into sharing my poetry online was on a site called Sharepoetry. It was there that I got to expose my poems to fellow poets who were both supportive and critical. In that site, I grew as a poet and met people who made life a bit more bearable. This time around, the Poetry Friday community has become that space to my poetic soul. I came back today with that sense of gratefulness. Poetry has indeed been one of the best gifts life has given me. To read it, to write it, and to share it has made every dark day in my life bearable if not better. Thank you community.

I share to you my second ode to poetry.  For more poems, head to Laura. I hope you enjoy this poem.

Floral Abstract II (Acrylic on Paper)

Ode to Poetry II

If I swallowed the pills and

Let life’s end be the last poem

I wrote, I would have


How you called out to me

In the depths of the ocean

Caught me in your net

And pulled me to your


How you coaxed me to life

With your song, so vividly

Vibrating at the depths

Of my hallowed out


How you brought me a voice

That bled through my fingers

In inky black pools

Of memories and


How you drew me into

The warmest circle of

Strangers, whose love of you

Echo in the depths of our


If I swallowed the pills and

Let life’s end be the last poem

I wrote, I would have broken

Your heart—my heart,

My love,

My dearest,

My Poetry.

21 comments on “Poetry Friday: Ode to Poetry II

  1. This. SO GORGEOUS, Iphigene! Welcome back! I’m feeling so much gratitude for your words and your life. Yes, poetry saves us and blesses us. Thank you. And the art featured here: I want to live in it! xo


  2. It is lovely to read your words again, Iphigene, to feel that poetry and poetry friends bring you comfort. It certainly does to me! Your art and the poem brings light to darkness, a voice shouting out. Thanks for sharing again.


  3. So happy to see you back with another of your poems, Iphigene! Indeed, poetry, and I think, art in general, saves all of us in some way. It’s what makes us human, and sharing with others makes us realize we are not alone with our fears, sadness, struggles, and moments of joy. The power of words can never be underestimated.


  4. Your poem and painting are gorgeous, both so moving and filled with depth and desire. your painting really speaks, and captures me. In your poem I feel the tumult and then in the poem and painting I feel a rising up and release. So glad to have you sharing both of these with us. I hope to see more of your poetry and painting soon!


  5. What a lovely tribute. Welcome back.

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  6. Welcome homes, sweetie. What sadness is poured out in your poem…. there is a turn, an upward turn of choosing the last poem for a different time. I’m so glad. Your painting also pulls the viewer up…and out. I wish you many moments of words and painting and up.

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  7. Iphigene, so glad to see you here. That’s what I really love about poetry and this lovely community dot-dot. It is always here waiting for you when you are ready. poems that share our hardest moments in choices are so powerful. Your painful poem, ending with hope, and full of such vivid imagery, really touched me. Hugs…


  8. Nice to have you back! I can imagine your artwork on the cover of a notebook (for putting poetry in, of course!). Enjoyed your poem very much, especially this image: “How you called out to me/In the depths of the ocean/Caught me in your net/And pulled me to your/Boat.”
    I wrote a post a while back called “In Your Boat”: I think it connects to your poem, how poetry is in our boat (and the poetry community).


    • Hi Tabatha,
      Thank you. It’s good to be back. Oh, such a lovely post. It was warm and reassuring to read those words. Thank you for leading me there. Indeed, there are many in that boat, i am not alone. I learned that this week.


  9. Welcome home, Iphigene. The Poetry Friday community wraps is healing arms around you from across the ocean. Peace, and be well.

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  10. I love your two conclusions, and I’ve come to understand the same important things. Your painting and poem are both gorgeous–I’m glad I found them.


  11. Poetry saves us always. I love. The poem and the painting. Welcome back.


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