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[Photo Journal] Dining In Dublin – Mr. Fox!

38 Parnell Sq. West, Dublin 1


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Dining In Dublin: Mr. Fox!

38 Parnell Sq. West, Dublin 1


Over the past weeks, I have been sharing photographs from Dublin where I presented a paper at the European Council for High Ability Learners Conference a year ago. Apart from visiting the Chapters Bookstore multiple times (see my book loot here), I also made sure that I went to out-of-the-way restaurants for a full dining experience.

Since this place came highly recommended by my AirBnB host and my internet searches, I made sure that I visited the place.

My experience during my first visit was so satisfactory, that I actually visited the place twice. I was lucky that I was able to find a place, despite the fact that I simply walked in and did not make prior reservations. Here are my meals during my two visits.

Complimentary bread with cream cheese.

I ordered the beef tartare, salsify, quail egg and smoked eel (left photo); and the cod, summer minestrone, ham hock and mussels for my main course.

My dessert was pure heaven: this is Mr Fox Brunch. Highly recommended.

I simply had to take a photo of Mr. Fox welcoming the guests inside.

For my second visit, I had the complimentary bread with the famous cheeses yet again. This time, I came for the pre-theatre meal, which is between 5-6 pm.

This time, I had the buffalo mozzarella, heirloom tomato, olive and basil for my starter (left photo), and I think the pork belly for my main dish.

For the life of me, I can not figure out what my dessert is any longer, but it seems like shaved ice with a fruity mixture. I am not sure if this is “Clementine Super Split” but my strawberry dessert was definitely much better.

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