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My 2018 Reading Stats and GatheringBooks 2019 Quarterly Reading Themes and #WomenReadWomen2019

Find out what we plan to read this year. #WomenReadWomen2019.

Myra here.

2018 flew by so fast. I guess this is what happens when people become older. Here is my 2018 in books, with special thanks to Goodreads.

I have read a total of 411 books,across 41,132 pagesCompared to 2017, this is pretty dismal, as I have read 503 books, but only 38,800 pages. This may be because I read more adult novels in 2018 and quite a few of them are chunksters.

Here is a breakdown of the books I read across genres:

Genre No. of books
Board Books 6
Early Readers 12
Fiction picturebook 196
Nonfiction picturebook 74
Poetry picturebook 11
Poetry/ Anthology / Novels in Verse 5
Graphic Novels 25
Illustrated Novels 9
Middle Grade | YA Fiction 5
Adult Fiction 44
Nonfiction | Memoirs | PD Texts 24
Total 411

The range of the books that I read in 2018 can be seen here – from a board book, Mr Panda’s Colours to Joe Hill’s The Fireman:

Reading Plans for 2019

A few weeks back, we announced that we are doing a #WomenReadWomen2019 reading theme throughout the whole of 2019.

We are pleased to share that we have also come up with quarterly reading themes that are in keeping with this larger, overarching theme. We were so excited about this that we have discussed this extensively as early as June 2018.

January – March: Warrior Women – The Woman Leads The Struggle: Female Voices And Social Justice In Literature


We are in total agreement that we should welcome 2019 with raised female voices. Enough with the silence and subjugation, we are celebrating social justice and warrior women during the first quarter of the year.

April – June: Sisterhood and Female Bonds In Literature

From April to June, we are celebrating female friendships, mother and daughter bonds, sisterhood, women tribes.

July – September: Reinventing Womanity, Redefining Womanhood


Women’s roles have evolved throughout the centuries, and this has been captured so effectively in classic and contemporary novels. We hope to explore these constantly shifting definitions and permutations of womanity from antiquity to now.

October – December: I Put A Spell On You – Witches And Goddesses, Dryads and Priestesses In Literature


Powerful women aware of their energies have often been vilified as witches or revered as goddesses. From mythology to supernatural tales, burned women at the stakes to earthy mothers pregnant with curses and grand intentions – we hope to capture female voices that touch on this unremitting and apologetic power during the last quarter of the year.

How about you? What are your reading goals/ reading plans for 2019? We’d love to hear about them.


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5 comments on “My 2018 Reading Stats and GatheringBooks 2019 Quarterly Reading Themes and #WomenReadWomen2019

  1. Aw, reading more pages across fewer books isn’t dismal.

    And I’m super excited about your reading theme for the year (as you know). I’m curious about the choice of Hos Before Bros as a title for the segment on female friendship, though. If the goal is to uplift women’s voices specifically to counter their subjugation, why name one of the quarterly themes after a slur that’s used to shame women for having sex? And if the focus is on sisterhood, why mention men at all?

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a very good point. It was pretty thoughtless, now that you have highlighted its full implications. Truth be told, it was really coming up with a catchy phrase, more than anything – but you’re right, we could do away with the “Hoes Before Broes” thing entirely, rather than have it dilute the power of Sisterhood and Female Bonds in Literature. Will edit our widgets, thanks to this very thoughtful comment.


      • I can see how that happened. I’m glad my comment helped. If you want a catchy phrase you can always go with “Galentines” (I love Parks and Rec).

        Liked by 1 person

    • Changed our widgets! Keep those reflective comments coming! We shall strive to do better. 🙂


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