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[Poetry Friday] Excerpts from “Feel the Beat” by Marilyn Singer and Kristi Valiant

Feel the beat!


Fats here.

I realized I haven’t turned on my computer for the last five days. Aside from being busy this holiday season, I have mostly just been relaxing on the couch with a book. My Poetry Friday offering is one I’ve thought about sharing a couple of months ago. I have since returned the book to our library but I kept a copy of a spread in the book.


Marilyn Singer is known for her reverso poems in Mirror, Mirror and Echo, Echo. I’m happy to share the only reverse poem in her new collection, Feel the Beat: Dance Poems that Zing from Salsa to Swing. Each poem in the book is a tribute to a type of dance and complemented by vibrant illustrations by Kristi Valiant. Check out the reverse poem below.

Poetry Friday round-up is happening at Buffy’s Blog!

All Over the World,
Dancing is Joy*

All over the world,
is joy.
Move your feet.
feel the beat,
the rhythm.
a partner.
your shoes.
All you can lose are
the blues.
Dance, dance away.
Now’s your chance!
What do you say?

*The reverse title is Joy is Dancing | All Over the World. Don’t forget to read the poem in reverse!

5 comments on “[Poetry Friday] Excerpts from “Feel the Beat” by Marilyn Singer and Kristi Valiant

  1. laurashovan222

    I love Marilyn Singer’s books and haven’t read this one yet. So much fun to follow Marilyn on FB, where she sometimes posts photos of herself swing dancing!


  2. I love this collection, just so joyful!


  3. What a wonderful reverso! These are so difficult to craft and so rewarding to read. I love the sheer exuberance of this poem!


  4. This is such a fun and moving book, Marilyn’s lines and dances swing through the pages, and the art fits so well with it too. I had this out from the library a while back, thanks!


  5. maryleehahn

    Yes! Let’s dance away the blues of the long winter days! Let’s dance in the springtime!


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