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[BHE 330] Book Hunting in Dublin (Chapters Edition)

Tana French, Roberto Bolaño and more...


Myra here.

This is the second part of my book hunting while i was in dublin. If you missed the first post, here it is. Such fortuitous timing since one of their major bookstores had this massive book sale while I was there. I’ve always had the touch of the faeries when it comes to book bargains, book hunting, book sales.

Chapters Bookstore

1 Parnell St, Rotunda, Dublin, D01 TF70, Ireland


Over and beyond the ridiculously low prices, it was really how the booksellers curated their books that made me go… wow. Avid book collectors would immediately salivate over the sets of titles grouped together, with a hankering to buy all of them books! Buy them all! Here is just a sampler:

I visited the store a total of three times in the 7 days that I was in Dublin. At one point, I overheard a guy carrying a stack of books telling his friend, “Well there goes my paycheck for the week.” I was tempted to respond: “Me!”

How Curation Of Books Should Be Done

I am an avid bookstore-goer. As an intentional book buyer who knows exactly what she wants, however, I tend to purposively find whatever it is that I need, and pay only a casual, passing, nodding glance at how the booksellers set up their displays. That doesn’t mean, however, that the display goes unnoticed. I especially like it whenever I get to see little summaries, blurbs, excerpts lovingly written by the booksellers.

However, it was only Chapters in Dublin, thus far, that truly impressed me in terms of how they set up their books in such a remarkable way that will not fail to make any book collector’s heart flutter a thousand rpm per minute.

Here are a few more samples:

So what did I eventually end up purchasing with three visits in total?

A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man by James Joyce, De Profundis: The Ballad Of Reading Gaol and Other Writings by Oscar Wilde.

Nazi Literature In The Americas by Roberto Bolaño, Only Revolutions by Mark Z. Danielewski (originally worth 24 euros).

I brought my copy of In The Woods by Tana French while in Dublin, Book 1 of the Dublin Murder Squad series. At that time, I only have Books 1 and 6. When I saw the entire series on sale, I just had to purchase Books 2-5: The Likenessby Tana French, Faithful Place by Tana French.

Broken Harbour by Tana French, The Secret Place by Tana French.

Notebooks! I have this weakness for notebooks. I have way too many, I know. But how can anyone possibly resist these two glorious notebooks?

Other Book (And Notebook) Finds

I bought this from the airport: Irish Ghost Stories edited by David Stuart Davies. It was the golden gilt edges that did me in.

Another notebook that I could not possibly resist while I was at Trinity College to see the Book of Kells Exhibition.

Any title here that caught your eye? Any book curation from other bookstores that impressed you and would like to share with us?


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4 comments on “[BHE 330] Book Hunting in Dublin (Chapters Edition)

  1. Why did you like their set up so much?

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    • Hi Akilah, I do feel that the way they arranged/curated the titles is done with a book lover’s or make that book collector’s heart in mind. Whenever I travel, I tend to have to ask the booksellers which are the titles that feature local authors – in this shop, that is found clearly in one section, without me having to ask. It is easy to find, navigable, kind of like anticipating what the reader could possibly want, and arranging it in such a way that it makes things infinitely easy for you. Hence, the books are not just arranged alphabetically, but also across genres, then across publishing houses – so it makes you want to collect ALL the titles from that publishing house. It could happen then that same titles from different publishers can be found across different sections of the bookshop. And to have a section just dedicated to Fiction in Translation??? They had me there. Plus the fact that when I was there, everything was on sale, hence, very cheap.

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