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[BHE 329] Book Hunting in Belfast (Waterstone’s) and Dublin Writers Museum Volumes Bookshop

Dubliners in Dublin


Myra here.

My time in ireland has been quite book-productive. Dublin, being a UNESCO City of Literature has more than lived up to its name, with so many great books, just begging to be brought home and owned by book-lovers. Hence, do be warned that this will be Part One of Two.

Book Hunting in Belfast

I just had to do the Game of Thrones Northern Ireland tour while I was in Dublin. On our way back, we stopped by Belfast for a little over an hour. Naturally, I had to visit Waterstone’s!

Before I bought anything, I browsed through the many many shelves and was overjoyed to see quite a few interesting excerpts – booktalk reflections from their amazing booksellers.

And what did I eventually buy? Here they are!

Less by Andrew Sean Greer, Anything Is Possible by Elizabeth Strout.

Memoir by John McGahern.

Volumes Bookshop at the Dublin Writers Museum

My first order of business in Dublin was to visit the Writers Museum. I was very excited when I learned that there was a bookshop. Naturally, I had to buy a few books.

And my book loot:

Of course, I had to purchase Dubliners by James Joyce while in Dublin. I also bought The Decay Of Lying And Other Essays by Oscar Wilde, an author that Ireland claims as its own.

Any titles here that caught your eye? What books have you bought recently?


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