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[BHE 326] Graphic Novel Extravaganza

... and then some.


Myra here.

our double up your reading loan at the national library has been extended. Naturally, I went on a book borrowing spree. Quite a number of these are graphic novels, and a few picturebooks which I think (make that hope) would fit our current reading theme.

Now, on to the books!

Graphic Novel Extravaganza (and then some)…

Heartbeat by Evan Turk, The Secret Of The Village Fool by Rebecca Upjohn and Illustrated by Renné Benoit.

Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights: the Graphic Novel adapted by Stéphane Melchior and art by Clément Oubrerie, Fish Girl by David Wiesner and Donna Jo Napoli.

The Purloining Of Prince Oleomargarine by Mark Twain and Philip Stead with Illustrations by Erin Stead, The Floods Family Files by Colin Thompson.

Friends Is Friends by Greg Cook, The Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag.

The Lunch Witch by Deb Lucke, Lunch Witch Knee-Deep In Niceness by Deb Lucke.

The Mystery Hat by Rune Brandt Bennicke and Jakob Hjort Jensen and illustrated by Jakob Hjort Jensen, The Queen’s Handbag by Steve Antony.

The Encyclopedia Of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg, M.F.K. by Nilah Magruder.

Which among these titles would you recommend I read first? Any particular title that caught your eye? Share with us your recent book finds in the Comments Section.


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