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[BHE 309] More Library Titles, Pansing Books, and Online Virtual Book Club Picks

Library Haul and Love for Pansing Books


Myra here.

So far, i have been making a bit of progress with my self-imposed book buying ban. Hence, most of the titles I have been sharing are either from the library or review copies provided by my favourite book distributor here in Singapore. A few of the titles here are also a good fit for our current reading theme Memoirs, Biographies, Self-Constructed Narratives – and a few that I borrowed just because.

Library Haul

The Map Of Good Memories by Fran Nuno and Illustrated by Zuzanna Celej and Translated by Jon Brokenbrow, Why Am I Here? by Constance Orbeck-Nilssen and Illustrated by Akin Düzakin.

Hiawatha and The Peacemaker by Robbie Robertson and David Shannon, My Wounded Island by Jacques Pasquet and Marion Arbona and Translated by Sophie B. Watson.

I borrowed these graphic novels previously, but didn’t get a chance to read them. Hopefully, this time around, I’d get to know the narrative of Hilda: Hilda And The Stone Forest by Luke Pearson, Hilda And The Midnight Giant by Luke Pearson, Hilda And The Black Hound by Luke Pearson.

Pyongyang: A Journey In North Korea by Guy Delisle, Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle.


So, I have been following the #LitsyBuddyRead discussion over the past two months now, and I am very relieved that two out of three titles here are found in our libraries, given my self-imposed book buying ban – and another one, besides, that just managed to find me.

The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker, To The Bright Edge Of The World by Eowyn Ivey.

Beartown by Fredrik Backman. And pizza.


Down and Out In Paris and London by George Orwell for the #BowieBookClub.

Pansing Titles

A Country Escape by Katie Fforde, Girl On Fire by Tony Parsons.

Any title that caught your eye here? Any recommendations for our current reading theme?

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