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[BHE 307] Belated Birthday Loot and Love for Little Gestalten Books

Books, books, and more books!


Myra here.

EVERY SUNDAY, it has been a tradition for us to share the books that managed to find their way into our hands. This week is somewhat special as I am sharing the book gifts I received from my husband during my birthday a month ago.

Belated Birthday Loot

From the wrapping, I could already tell that I am in for some special book treats, and I was not disappointed!

The Complete Works Of Primo Levi Volumes 1-III edited by Ann Goldstein.

Leaves Of Grass by Walt Whitman (a hardcover ModLib edition that is so much better than the tattered, falling-apart-version I presently have), Songs Of Kabir translated by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra and Preface by Wendy Doniger.

My Struggle Book 1: A Death In The Family by Karl Ove Knausgaard, Autumn by Karl Ove Knausgaard.

A Gentleman In Moscow by Amor Towles.

No Time To Spare: Thinking About What Matters by Ursula K. LeGuin, Literary Witches: A Celebration Of Magical Women Writers by Taisia Kitaiskaia and Illustrated by Katy Horan.

Love for Little Gestalten Titles

Occasionally, we receive these gorgeous books to be featured here in GatheringBooks from Little Gestalten, one of our favourite children’s book publishers. Here are a few lovely ones that I have received over the past weeks.

Elsa And The Night by Jöns Mellgren, The Carousel Of Animals: A Pop-Up Book by Gérard Lo Monaco.

Andersen: The Illustrated Fairy Tales Of Hans Christian Andersen, Alphabetics by Patrick & Traci Concepción and Illustrated by Dawid Ryski.

Any titles here that spoke out to you? What books found their way into your hands recently?


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  1. That Ursula LeGuin one looks great!

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