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[Poetry Friday]: Funny People

Seeking each other/ To share mundane details/ Of our lives:

poetry fridayIphigene here.

I seem to have resurfaced here and there. If you’ve been following GB, you would have noticed I have contributed a post here and there beyond Poetry Friday. It’s great, however, to be able to contribute something to Poetry Friday. While I love the written word, poetry and I have a long-standing relationship. It’s the one art form that feels like pumpkin soup on a very cold day.

For today’s poetry friday (hosted by Sally Murphy), I offer a poem I wrote back in May 2017. When Fats asked if I had anything to post, I was thinking of the new poem that’s been in my head for over a week now, but it’s too early for that. So, I dug through my drafts and found this poem that works perfectly into our theme this quarter.


The poem is inspired by a friend I’ve known for  a little over 10 years but have never met. In some ways it’s an ode to this odd friendship we’ve forged. I hope you enjoy it.

Collage by author

Funny People


Seeking each other

To share mundane details

Of our lives:

Passing drivers ed,

Getting stuck

In traffic and

Reading a lovely book


Filling out the long silence

With tiny glimpses

Of our day to day

If not of our wounds

Dug deep—

Our addictions,

Depression and

Miserable families


Never the in between

Not our days in work,

Not about our friends

Where we’ve been

Or who we’re seeing


No, never that

As if the spaces between

Bear a blasphemy—

Not to be uttered,

Not to be shared,

In the tiny pockets

Of our meeting


How then do we define

The awkward space

Between us for so long?

For we are neither friends

nor lovers but

funny people

Finding the sacred

In each other.


Do you have such people in your lives? If you do, do share your stories in the comments below. Happy Poetry Friday everyone!

13 comments on “[Poetry Friday]: Funny People

  1. I’d love to add “Pumpkin soup on on a very cold day” to the community poem on my site. Check it out and let me know.


  2. Even though the internet and social media in particular get a bad rap (and sometimes deserves it), it also opens the door to friendships that never would have begun without it.


  3. maryleehahn

    Maybe we shouldn’t try to define friendship as one thing only. Maybe it is true no matter its form.


    • Hi Mary lee
      Yes, that is true. I think this particular friendship was something I wasn’t familiar with. It’s strange and wonderful all at the same time. But yes, each kind of friendship is unique.


  4. Iphigene — I’ve made so many wonderful “friends” through both Twitter, blogging, and other Social Media venues. Only a few have I met in person, but all I treasure. They inspire me and encourage me each and every day.


  5. I love this reflection on those friends we perhaps never meet. I have many – including those in the Poetry Friday community.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. To me, the last lines say it all:
    “Finding the sacred
    In each other.”

    No matter what type of friend, I think concentrating on that is the key to relationships that blossom and endure.

    Liked by 1 person

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