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[Poetry Friday] M.H. Clark’s “Celebrating You” and “You Belong Here” are a dream that the world once dreamt and now you are part of its song...

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Fats here.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Let’s start the year right with some inspiring words from writer and poet, M.H. Clark. I came across one of her books — You Belong Here — by accident. I searched our catalog for her other books and found Celebrating You. I know very little about M.H. Clark, and I could not seem to find information about her online. On the back of You Belong Here, it was noted that M.H. Clark received the Washington State Book Award and two Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.

Below you will find excerpts from You Belong Here and Celebrating You. May you be reminded of your worth and beauty, and know that there is always somewhere you belong.

Poetry Friday round-up is hosted this week by Catherine at Reading to the Core!

The stars belong in the deep night sky
and the moon belongs there too,
and the winds belong in each place they blow by
and I
belong here
with you.
And you are a dream that the world once dreamt
and now you are part of its song.
That’s why you are here, in the place where you’re meant,
for this is right where you belong.
Some creatures were made for the land, or the air,
and others were made for the sea;
each creature is perfectly home right there
in the place it belongs to be.
And no matter what places you travel to,
what wonders you choose to be,
I will always belong right here with you,
and you’ll always belong with me.

You have a radiance
that’s all your own.
Your spirit comes through in everything you do.
You’re more than just
a little brilliant.
Sometimes, you glow.
You are strong
Even when you
don’t feel that way.
You listen to your heart,
and the world thanks you for it.
You’re loved for
everything you are
and all that you’re
You are beautiful.

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Fats is the Assistant Manager for Circulation Services at the Wayne County Public Library in Wooster, Ohio. She considers herself a reader of all sorts, although she needs to work on her non-fiction reading. Fats likes a good mystery but is not too fond of thrillers. She takes book hoarding seriously and enjoys collecting bookmarks and tote bags. When she is not reading, Fats likes to shop pet apparel for her cat Penny (who absolutely loathes it).

6 comments on “[Poetry Friday] M.H. Clark’s “Celebrating You” and “You Belong Here”

  1. srebeccan

    These both seem wonderful. You Belong Here reminds me of another wonderful verse picture book, You Nest Here With Me by Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple. Have you read that one?


  2. “And you are a dream that the world once dreamt/and now you are part of its song.” Sigh. These snippets are so lovely. I haven’t seen either of them, so thank you for introducing me to M.H. Clark!


  3. I love children’s poetry and picture books. I was not previously familiar with this author or works either. Thanks for sharing these beautiful poems and books!


  4. maryleehahn

    What a perfect way to begin the new year! Thank you!!


  5. These are lovely poems…and such and important message to share. I hope that many people this year will hear and know that they belong and that they are strong.


  6. Beautiful, lyrical, and uplifting poems Fats thanks for introducing M.H. Clark to me! Happy New Year!


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