Myra here.

So the past two weeks have been spent immersing myself with so much beautiful words, exquisite phrases, author discoveries and booksbooksbooks thanks to the Singapore Writers Festival.

SWF 2017 Book Loot

This book hunter restrained herself considerably. Despite the fact that there were so many titles that caught my eye (see below), I only bought quite a few, or so I think.

The fact that we have Festival Passes also afforded us 10% discount, so there is that for incentive.

So here’s my book loot:

Fistful of Colours by Suchen Christine Lim, The Infinite Library And Other Stories by Victor Fernando R. Ocampo.

My former students gave the first book to me as a present, and when I saw the entire collection made available by Books Actually, I bought the rest of the series that fit into my budget: The Resident Tourist Parts 2-4 by Troy Chin.

The Resident Tourist Parts 5-6 by Troy Chin.

Le Temps De Vivre by Séra and Piatzszek.

Bras Basah Loot

It has been awhile since I visited my favourite book store in Bras Basah. It was not too surprising that I found quite a number of books that spoke to me. At 2 books for 5 dollars (or 2.90 for each individual book), it was a real deal.

When Everything Changes, Change Everything: In A Time Of Turmoil, A Pathway To Peace by Neale Donald WalschEmpire Of The Sun by J G Ballard.

The Treasure Map Of Boys by E. LockhartPig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman.

Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine ApplegateMy Driver by Maggie Gee.

I have to say that book retail therapy is the absolute best, at least for this book nerd. What books found their way into your shelves lately?

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