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[BHE 270] Books That I Pined For In Milan (Or Bookstore Visits in Milan)

Myra here.

While I am now safely back in Singapore, I am doing a series of my book hunting expedition posts while I was in Europe. Last week, I shared my book hunting in Bergen. This week, I am excited to show photos of bookstores I visited while in Milan. Since we were just taking the bus for ten days (Munich – Milan – Florence – Munich), I reined my book-buying impulse, but still made sure that my family and I tracked down really nice book places.

Rizzoli Galleria Bookshop

Address: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 20121 Milano, Italy

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele was one of the first few places we visited while in Milan. It was sheer luck that I saw Rizzoli which I immediately raided:

It was a different sort of experience seeing Elena Ferrante’s novels in their native Italian:

Here are some of the titles that caught my eye:

And the one book that I truly pined for and wished I could take home with me:

Librerie Coop

Address: Bonola Centro Commerciale, Via Giacomo Quarenghi, 23, 20151 Milano, Italy

So this is the mall closest to our home, and thankfully, it also has this nice retail bookshop. Here are a few of the titles that caught me and my daughter’s eyes:

Very close to this place is the most unpretentious coffee shop that I frequented. It was my first time to try a pimpuccino – a cappuccino with nutella. It was the absolute best coffee I’ve ever had in Milan – and naturally I had to read a book by an Italian author while having my pimpuccino:

Edicola Newspaper/Bookshop Stand in Bolona MRT Station

Because we are nothing if not thorough, we even hunted down this kiosk that sells cigarettes, newspapers, and old novels at the MRT station closest to our airbnb place. My daughter actually got a comic book to add to her growing collection for one euro!

Libreria Internazionale Ulrico Hoepli

Address: Via Ulrico Hoepli, 5, 20121 Milano, Italy

Quite a huge store with an impressive collection of titles. Again, I curbed my book-binge impulse, but here are a few of the titles you can expect from this book store:

And the titles I pined for and wished I could take home with me:

My daughter was pretty comfortable lounging around as I took loads of pictures of the place:

Libreria Bocca

Address: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, 20121 Milano, Italy

So I’ve been to this place twice, but have never really gone inside. Most of the books seem like coffee table reading materials. All the more reason to go back to Milan.

La Feltrinelli

Address: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milano, Italy

There are quite a few of this bookstore around Milan, but this must be one of the largest ones. The titles are, hands down, quite irresistible:

Finally, I caved in and got this for myself. The backdrop is in our Airbnb place in Milan – I thought it was a fitting quote.

Il Maestro by Fabrizio Silei and Simone Massi.

Which of these bookstores would you like to visit? What are some of the books that found their way into your shelves this past weeks?

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