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[Poetry Friday] Wildly into the Dark

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I began sharing poems by Tyler Knott Gregson in October 2015. I randomly came across his works online and loved them ever since. “Wildly into the Dark: Typewriter Poems and the Rattlings of a Curious Mind” is Tyler Knott Gregson’s third poetry collection and was published this year. In his introduction, he wrote:

“We live in a society that puts perfection on a pedestal. There is pressure, everywhere, to look a certain way, like certain things, and spend our time filling tiny squares on social media with reflections and representations of that perfection in our lives… The truth I have known, longer than I haven’t, is that we are not always surrounded by light and light alone. There is darkness, and there are dark days; there are storms as often as there is sun… Sometimes, in order to chase the light, we must start running, lending our laughter to the echoes, wildly into the dark.”

Below are two poems from Gregson’s Wildly into the Dark series. A big thank you to Katie of The Logonauts for hosting Poetry Friday this week!

Rumble low and bring blackness above me, let it
growl and throw shadows all around me. Bring
your thunder and bring white flash, I will curl
these toes into this soil and stand my ground.
There are no winds high enough to scare me from
here, no shock I cannot absorb. I will stare into
your darkness and show you the light left in me.

If it all burns around you, dance around
the fire. Paint yourself in ash and rain and
celebrate the torching of what was. We can
choose what destroys us, and complete
destruction is never an inevitability. Let
your legs find rhythm to the crackling of
the flames; lend your laughter to the song.


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