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[BHE 268] Picturebooks from European Creators (Part Two of Two)

Myra here.

Every Sunday, we share books that called out to us and found their way into our shelves. This is a post I have drafted while I was still in Singapore a few weeks back, hence the books here were actually hunted down from my shelves for our current reading theme.

We initially planned for something different, but seeing how I am in Europe for a research fellowship, I thought that we might as well celebrate the beauty of this place and mine it for their written words and boundary-breaking books.

Picturebooks from European Creators

Richard Scarry’s European Word Book: English, French, German.

Doggy Slippers by Jorge Lujan and Isol, Ten Tears And One Embrace by Marta Sanmamed and Mar Azabal with translations by Jon Brokenbrow.

The Miracle Of The Bears by Wolf Erlbruch, Alpha by Isabelle Arsenault.

One And All by Elisa Gehin.

The Magician Of Auschwitz by Kathy Kacer and illustrated by Gillian Newland, Louis I: King Of The Sheep by Olivier Tallec.

Happy by Mies Van Hout, Friends by Mies Van Hout.

This Is A Poem That Heals Fish by Jean-Pierre Simeon and Olivier Tallec, L’abecedaire de la Colere by Emmanuelle Houdart.

Do you have any recommended titles for our current reading theme? It doesn’t have to be picturebooks, we welcome the entire range of literature: graphic novels, poetry, adult novels, middle/grade, young adult. Do share with us your suggestions.

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