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[Poetry Friday]: To Mimic the Womb

poetry friday

Iphigene here!

Today, I share another poem from the Open Spaces series. This series were poems inspired by paintings I made. I did the series as an exercise in writing.  This is the last poem of the series. You can read Open Spaces #2 (here) and Open Spaces#3 (here).

Thanks to Frankie and Mary Lee of A Year of Reading for hosting today’s poetry friday. Check them out for more poetry!


Open Spaces#4: Womb & Freedom

To mimic the womb

We curl our bodies,

Hide in dark places

Praying for comfort,

For safety.


I hid in dark places,

Nooks and crannies,

Beneath tables

And stairs, nursing

My broken soul


Like a fetus, grasping

For warmth—for

Love that envelopes

You in darkness

I waited and



But the darkness I knew

Was cold, consuming

Filling my beaten up

Soul with promises

Of loneliness,

Rejection and a misery



To be swallowed

Or to escape


To mimic birds

We hold our hands up

In elation and freedom

Running across wide spaces

Jumping high to touch

The sky



pushing out

Of tight spaces,

Stepping into the light

I run






Into an emptiness

A silence of heart

Of mind

Of spirit


Into the arms

Of freedom

Into the solitude

And quiet

Of nothingness

14 comments on “[Poetry Friday]: To Mimic the Womb

  1. maryleehahn

    I commented on Donna’s post about the turning point in her poem. That’s what I love best about yours, too!


  2. Yes, I also like how your poem shifts in the middle and alights , giving us a feeling of freedom and release by the end. Didn’t realize you were a painter too! Such talent. 🙂


    • Hi Jama,
      I don’t want the poem to be sad, i want it to be hopeful as i think of open spaces as that. I’ve only returned to painting in 2014, fairly green in the whole thing. Thanks for dropping by


  3. Do you paint regularly, Iphigene? I really like your painting. “To mimic birds/We hold our hands up/In elation and freedom” is lovely.


    • Hi Tabatha,
      Yes. I try to paint once a week, usually on a Sunday. There are weeks I dont get enough time, but that’s rare.

      I’m glad you enjoyed those lines. Thanks for dropping by.


  4. lindabaie

    I read, then looked at your painting, then read again, Iphigene. That hopeful turning as others mention seems also in the raised arm. Beautiful images in both, a story of hope. Your series is a life’s capturing. I imagine you finding it in the future and loving the journey taken and ending well.


  5. I love your paintings, what a beautiful pairing with such powerful words.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Very effective repetition of Run. It sets the poem (and reader) free. Your painting is really lovely, too.


  7. Beautiful–both painting and poem. I love how the poem turns toward hope.


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