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[Poetry Friday] Empowered, Always

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On Monday night, I watched Hidden Figures and, my God, it was one of the best and most inspiring movies I have seen. It was absolutely brilliant. If you have not seen it yet, please, please, please do. ♥

Today, I am sharing a poem I randomly came across online. I wanted to share something that sends a message that is similar to Hidden Figures, or at least keep the positive vibes and bushels of inspiration going. The poem below is written by Christy Birmingham, which she shared on her blog for Women’s Equality Day.

Poetry Friday round-up is hosted by the fearless Tara of A Teaching Life!


Equality and Vision

Self-respecting we stand,
Where once we did hunch over
With guilt, second-prize ribbons and a
Countertop lined with ingredients to cook.

We stand tall in the glow of securing the
Right to vote, as we step toward visions of
Our equality with the muscular forces –
Let’s see the vision soon without wearing glasses,
Even within home walls where cameras do not go.

There is still work to do, as we strive for
Equal pay and we are haunted by the
Memories of physical and emotional abuse,
From past years, last months and this morning.

There are bodies that choose to chain us down.

We speak up louder with each day that passes,
Striving to reach a volume that cracks windows of
Disregard. We do not pass on opportunities to
Honor and represent the women who
Have brought us to the path we travel today.

We thank these women, we step into their footprints, and
We stretch the size of their shoes a little more with
Each day that passes.
I hope that we honor them well.

©2013 Christy Birmingham

7 comments on “[Poetry Friday] Empowered, Always

  1. lindabaie

    I certainly am grateful for those strong women who’ve come before us, doing more, fighting more for what we need. I loved Hidden Figures, too, Fats, a story to remember and to honor those women who represent many.


  2. I had the same reaction after I saw Hidden Figures. I wanted to urge–or maybe demand–that everyone see it. I just finished the book it is based on, and I am even more inspired after learning more of their story from it. The poem you shared reminds us to keep fighting and to be thankful for those who have come before.


  3. YES – we owe so much to the brave women who risked so much and gave so much so that we could move closer and closer to equality. It’s our responsibility to pick up where these pioneers left off, and continue their fight, at home and around the world.


  4. Hidden Figures was truly inspirational, as was this poem. Thank you for sharing it with us!


  5. I have to see Hidden Figures. Thanks for the poem.


  6. maryleehahn

    Power to the women! I’ll have to see the movie now for sure!!


  7. Thanks for sharing this poem, the last stanza stood out to me,
    “We thank these women, we step into their footprints, and
    We stretch the size of their shoes a little more with
    Each day that passes.
    I hope that we honor them well.”

    Stepping into “their footprints, and” stretching them a bit more, what a novel idea to carry out, thanks!


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